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Every successful email marketing campaign starts with a strategy. They need a message that resonates with a targeted audience, a compelling call to action and an engaging landing page that measures every single interaction. List building is also a key priority, and making sure that email marketing crosses channels into social marketing is a key objective.

At the heart of all of this there needs to be an idea, a creative campaign that stands out across all channels and delivers a result. The team at Star Digital are experts in joined up campaigns, having worked with companies across the B2B and B2C spectrum for over 9 years.

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Serious About Email

For ecommerce clients, it is vital that you have a welcome programme in place that will nurture the new customer into more sales, sharing on social, writing an all-important review and sharing with their peers.

From making use of relational data tables from within the email marketing system (EMS) and performing intelligent queries on the fly, to developing data led individual e-mail marketing broadcasted in batches, but still providing full metrics. We have helped corporate marketers take their e-mail marketing to unprecedented levels of detail and automation.

Not just that, but we advise on intelligent re-engagement strategies to get your main marketing list’s open rates to new highs. We also work with you on propensity scoring, recency, frequency, monetary analysis (RFM) and lifetime value (LTV) tracking strategies. So, if you are serious about email as part of the mix give us a call.

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