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Hampton Steel approached Star Digital to discuss what we could offer their business in regards to SEO. They were not satisfied with their organic search result rankings and wanted to show higher in the search results. They were finding that their own Distributors and competitors were showing higher in the organic search engine results on Google and they needed to increase their visibility to small and medium sized customers.

The website had primarily been used as an information point for customers and prospects to browse the large product range. Star Digital recommended that the approach be modified to not just provide information but to also generate lead enquiries.

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Page views have increased by 75% and pages viewed per
session has increased by 29%.

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What We Did

Star Digital produced a new website design to provide a better user experience and usability for visitors. The redesign focussed on helping users find products easier, introducing an SEO optimised page for each product as well as sector and application pages. The goal was to create a better user journey and modern looking website accessible on all mobile devices as well as the desktop. Schema content was added to the website to assist with Google searches and SEO but also to offer the customers a more informative experience when searching and browsing.

To Improve SEO across the site we:

  • Made all the URLs search engine friendly.
  • Updated the Meta Data and Descriptions and make these more relevant to the customer and search terms used.
  • Added in all possible and alternative search terms.

To Improve User Experience:

  • The website was made responsive so users get the best experience when they are on mobile devices.
  • The ability to customise products was highlighted throughout the website.
  • Alternative routes were created for user journeys. Instead of just using product pages, Applications and Sector categories that were relevant were added. The products also benefit from being linked to different applications and sectors as part of a wider inside linking strategy.

To Improve Website Manageability:

  • The website needed to be moved from a static HTML framework where Hampton Steel had zero control onto a user-friendly open source Web Content Management Solution where updates to content and graphics is easily managed by non-technical staff.

The Results

  • Sessions have increased by 36%
  • Users have increased by 20%
  • Average session duration increased by 108%
  • Bounce rate has decreased by 4%
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