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Kinesis approached Star Digital to look at the possibility of developing a B2B Magento Ecommerce solution with a tight integration with their bespoke back office ERP solution. It also needed to migrate ‘knowledge’ data from their multiple WordPress blogs natively into Magento Community 1.9.2 to help them deliver competitive advantage by leveraging their scientific prowess with a detailed content marketing strategy.

The amount of data that needed to be migrated automatically was colossal, and was further complicated by a complex content matching taxonomy to in excess of 50,000 product SKU’s.

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From an ecommerce perspective the ecommerce conversion rate is up by 86%, average order values up by 8% and quantity of products per order up by 51%

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What We Did

The project scope was complex and presented a number of challenges that needed close consideration resulting in the development of specific extensions and modules layered above the standard Magento installation.

Star Digital led strategic direction in the development of a detailed functional specification for the project. Liaising with the Kinesis team and a 3rd party SQL developer they designed an EAV database schema to deliver automated integration with their complex multi-market inventory and pricing models, allowing for group pricing and customer specific SKU pricing rules. All of this was designed to process the raw data outside of Magento and to import it in via standard Magento models.

Star Digital also created a middleware migration solution to import and link all of the legacy WordPress data with the associated products as part of a ‘knowledgebase’, and further developed multi-lingual content management modules within Magento to enable non-technical users to continue to create, edit and link associated content to products moving forwards. In addition to this a process for linking to the Exchequer accounting system via EC-Link was developed so that customers could be created and orders processed in real time. New code was also written for multiple payment gateways via different API’s to allow for payment processing in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe.

Star Digital delivered all of the creative elements relating to the project and built a fully responsive solution across multiple storefronts. The solution is hosted on a Nexcess SIP 400 server ensuring fast, robust rendering of pages across the entire solution.

The Results

The new Magento Ecommerce system processes and keeps up to date the inventory and listing of 60,000 products with automated links to knowledge base content allowing non-technical users at Kinesis to manage content from a marketing perspective.

The Kinesis Magento ecommerce project is highly complex and is a good example of the way in which the team at Star Digital can deliver on very bespoke requirements to budget.

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