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Core Web Vitals

In summer 2020 Google introduced Core Web Vitals, which is a set of user-focused metrics that have been designed to measure the health of a webpage in terms of user experience. As online technology continues to develop at an astounding rate, user experience has become increasingly important in seo. As a result Google is now requiring websites to be as smooth and as seamless as possible for the user in order to rank well. The three main components of core website vitals include: content loading speed, interactivity and visual stability.

Core Web Vitals

How do I check my core web vitals? 

Web vitals can be checked using google’s online site performance tools, these include: 

  • Google Search Console 
  • PageSpeed Insights 
  • Chrome DevTools 
  • Chrome UX Report 
  • Web Vitals Extensions 

If you are partnered with a seo agency (like us) they will have access to these tools, and your web vitals score will be tracked and reported on.


Why are core web vitals important?

Core web vitals are extremely important for seo as they align with Google’s algorithm update which provides a set of ranking factors. The vitals provided by Google can help to improve your website’s visibility, ranking in search engines and provide a better user experience for your visitors. 

In addition to this core web vitals are important for web development because having great content isn’t enough, your website needs great in all technical aspects of seo, from keywords to UX and functionality. Given the technical nature of website development it makes sense to work with an experienced seo company when looking to improve core web vitals.

Core Web Vitals
Core Web Vitals

How do I improve my core web vitals score? 

So what can you do to improve your core web vitals? We recommend looking at the backend of your site, if you don’t know what you’re doing, then definitely enlist the help of an seo agency. 

And we cannot stress that point enough, as there’s been countless stories of website owners who have tried to go it alone and made a catastrophic mess. Opting for an experienced seo company (like us) will ensure you are provided with a range of seo services that will be geared towards improving your web vitals score and overall website ranking.

The importance of website speed

The general rule of thumb here is a fast site = a better user experience. Research has shown that a user typically stays on a website for longer if the site speed is faster; this works to boost conversions and decrease bounce rates. 

As a seo company we understand the importance of website speed which is why for all our seo clients we conduct regular website speed checks to continually look for ways to improve site speed and thus user experience.

Core Web Vitals
Core Web Vitals
Core web vitals metrics

As mentioned earlier there are three main metrics that are analysed by Google that have corresponding benchmarks for what's consider as good:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (loading) 2.5 seconds or less
  • First Input Delay (interactivity) 100ms or less
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (visual stability) 0.1


Core Web Vitals

How can i improve my FID score?

How can I improve my CLS?

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