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Keyword Research

Keyword research works by conducting research that has the goal of understanding the language and in particular the ‘search terms’ used by your target audience. As such it involves a process of scouring the web and using keyword research tools to find keywords that searchers are frequently using when searching for information around a certain topic.

Keyword Research

Once you’ve compiled a list of popular and relevant keywords around the topic,

The next step is to strategically include these keywords in your content so that these search terms are picked up by search engines when your website is crawled. If your keywords match what the searcher is looking for you have a good chance of appearing higher up the search results, boosting your website ranking.

Keyword research still holds significant importance in SEO and digital marketing as a whole, because it is a process that allows you to figure out what people are searching for and match your content accordingly.


Why keyword research is important

Apart from this crucial insight keyword research provides you with there are several other reasons why you should conduct keyword research:  

  • Establishing keywords to use in blog content and outreach campaigns can boost traffic to your website.
  • Conducting keyword analysis can help you to understand your business and brand better. This vital information can help you make decisions on where to focus marketing efforts in order to boost your website traffic.
  • Carrying out keyword research can give insights into keyword opportunities that can quickly increase your website ranking in search results.
  • Search engines are only able to rank websites if they understand what the content is about. As such targeting different keywords for different pages on your site provides the opportunity to rank for multiple keywords, boosting your overall seo ranking.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Where to do keyword research

The best way to achieve keyword seo is to search for keywords across several places your target audience might visit to look for information. Many digital marketers that conduct keyword research tend to just stick to using keyword research tools to identify keywords; while these tools are very useful, here at Star we like to apply a hybrid approach positioning ourselves as both digital marketers and our target audience.

Our formula

To achieve this, when carrying out keyword research we scour a range of search engines, including websites such as Youtube, Wikipedia, ExplodingTopics (and more) to gather information from a user's perspective.

This coupled with the use of keyword research tools that provide us with deeper insight into data around these ‘search terms’ provides us with a holistic understanding of what people are searching and why.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Our approach to keyword seo is something we pride ourselves on because it has provided us with countless keyword opportunities from locations that a lot of marketers overlook.


Keyword Research

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