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On Page SEO

On page seo is the process of optimising both the content and HTML source code of a web page in order to earn more traffic from search engines. On page seo predominantly covers optimising the front end of a website. Common on page seo techniques include: Optimising copy, Images and video, Image alt text, Internal linking - And much more (some of which are featured below)

On Page SEO

Why is on page seo important?

With continually algorithm updates and advances in the sophistication of search engines to improve user experience, it has become increasingly important to ensure your page content is as relevant to a user’s search query as possible. 

Coupled with this, Google uses over 200 ranking factors to rank pages in search results, many of which fall under the category of on-page seo. Due to this it is important to not only keep your website up to date but also to keep up to date with algorithm changes. 

What’s the best way to achieve this you may ask? Our answer, enlist the help of an on page seo company (such as us, Star digital) to handle your site optimisations. 

Here at Star digital our team of experts apply a range of on page seo techniques to ensure your website is optimised for increased rankings in search engines.


The difference between on page vs off page seo

The main difference between on page seo vs off page seo is to do with what your page (and website) is about, whereas off page seo looks at how popular and authoritative your site is. 

When you employ an on page seo company or digital marketing agency to work on your website seo they’ll apply a range of different techniques. 

On page seo techniques: 

  • URL structure 
  • Meta description and title tags 
  • Keyword optimisation 
  • Schema markup 
  • Featured snippets optimisation 

Off page seo techniques: 

  • Local seo 
  • Backlink building 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Digital PR

On Page SEO
On Page SEO

On page seo services

As search engine optimisation specialists we understand the importance and the commercial benefits of keeping your website in line with the algorithm changes that are continually rolled out by search engines. As a result we offer a range of on page seo services that work to adhere to search engine guidelines and user expectations. 
From on page seo audits, content marketing to page speed optimisations we do it all!

What are on page seo factors?

Despite being arguably the smartest search engine in the world, Google still needs all the help it can get in understanding web pages and new content (hence the constant algorithm updates to try an improve this process). Which is why there is an increased level of importance placed on on-page seo as this helps Google and other search engines better understand your website and its content. When decoding your website there are a number of on page seo factors that come into play which can be seen below:

  • The use of target keywords with the first 100 words on page
  • Use of an appropriate keyword density for the page
  • Optimised headers
  • Concise yet descriptive URLs
  • Use of structured data
  • Engaging meta descriptions
  • Image optimisation
  • Use of internal and external links
On Page SEO
On Page SEO
Key pillars of on-page seo
  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Placing your keywords in the right places on your page
  • Adding visual components
  • Improving page speed
  • Utilising a responsive website design
  • Publishing quality content
  • Staying on top of crawl issues (broken links, 404 pages, sitemap errors)


On Page SEO

How does on page seo work?

What is the difference between technical seo vs on page seo?

How does seo work?

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