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PPC, otherwise known as Pay Per Click, is a form of internet marketing whereby adverts are displayed across the web in the form of search (text-based) and display ads (image-based). The reason why this advertising strategy bears the name ‘Pay Per Click’ is because advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked on. You’ll often see ppc ads presented on websites in search engines and on social media networks.


The mechanism behind how PPC advertising works involves an Ad Auction whereby advertisers bid to have their ad shown when certain keywords are searched for. The bidding process is fully automated and handled by search engines such as Google who use certain criteria to determine the relevance and credibility of any given ad. 

PPC marketing is a very effective way to advertise online as advertisers are only charged once users reach their website.


What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

When comparing PPC and SEO are two main differences. The first of which is that ppc ads will appear above organic search results in search engines, and of course be present on websites you visit also. The second and arguably more important difference in the eyes of some is that organic traffic from seo is free whereas paid traffic is, yep you guessed it, paid for.

However, the difference between the two does not just stop there. SEO tends to offer more value long term as it is focused on developing a highly optimised website that generates traffic and builds off of its historic success. PPC on the other hand, offers more return in the short term as performance and results can be reviewed once ads have gone live and had a few days to gather impressions.

Despite these differences PPC marketing and SEO do share some similarities as they are both great for driving website traffic and building brand awareness.


How do ppc and seo work together?

Both marketing strategies rely heavily on keywords to appear for related searches. As such this means in cases where a business has been focusing their efforts on SEO, they will already have access to keyword data that will undoubtedly help inform PPC campaigns. 

As mentioned above SEO is more of a long term marketing strategy, meaning that it can often be difficult to identify the effectiveness of SEO efforts as results take time to show.

However, PPC advertising generates immediate results and because of this, marketing teams can gather keywords that have proven to be profitable and use these will building content and optimising pages for seo.

When looking to build some synergy between your PPC and SEO campaigns there can be quite a lot of technical aspects involved. Because of this we recommend working with a ppc agency as they will likely provide seo services also and will be able to generate some synergy between the two.


Who does ppc marketing benefit? 

When ppc marketing (and more importantly ppc management) is done right everyone involved benefits. And here’s why:

  • Searches are met with highly relevant ads 
  • Advertisers can boost overall website traffic
  • Advertisers can generate a higher ROI
  • PPC generates immediate results 
  • Data can be used to inform other marketing activities

The list goes on but since we haven’t got all day if you’d like to hear more about how our ppc agency here at Star digital can benefit you and your business give us a call on 01908 030 999.



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