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Search Engine Optimisation

As a fully fledged seo agency we put data at the heart of all our search engine optimisation services, after all, data is what allows us to continually get great results for our clients! After 15 years of achieving resounding results for clients across the country we’ve come to realize, behind every successful seo project is an effective organic search engine optimisation strategy; and not just any old strategy, one that is driven by data! Which is why as part of our seo management service we begin each project with a website audit, this maps out all errors that are having a negative impact on both technical seo and on page seo. Although many business owners are often shocked to see their website has several issues, this is in fact good news as it presents opportunities for exceptional growth online…with the help of our seo specialists, ofcourse.

Search Engine Optimisation

Why seo is important for your business

Search engines use over 200 ranking factors to decide what websites to boost to the top of their search results. And what’s more, these factors are constantly changing and developing with each algorithm update, which by the way Google rolls out multiple times each year, therefore its important to stay on top of your website's search optimisation! 

As a result of this dynamic world of search engine optimisation our seo experts here at Star digital apply a mix of SEO techniques, from link building to technical seo we do it all. And why do we do it all? Well, one because that’s what’s required to stay on top of competition and two because we make it our mission to get your website to the all important first page! 

Besides, having a website is of very little value if it isn’t attracting high-quality traffic and generating leads for your business.


How we work

As a professional seo company we apply a white hat seo approach ensuring best practice is behind all our seo activities. This works to cement your website in the search engine results page and saves time and money as all work is completed in line with industry best practices by our seo specialists.

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

As a seo agency we provide a full seo management service that can be tailored to your business needs, from start-ups to international brands we’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Through the application of our seo services over the years we’ve developed a system that works every time, a system that is driven by data and optimised for relevancy.

Safeguarding the future of your search visibility 

Given the nature of seo being a long term strategy, we are a seo company that is dedicated to achieving long-lasting results. With years of industry experience, we know that online marketing and in particular search engine optimisation is constantly evolving, which is why our seo specialists stay up to date on industry trends, new technologies and techniques.

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

And it’s not just about the seo industry, we stay on top of changes in your business industry too, adapting our seo strategies and techniques accordingly to suit your business needs and ensure the longevity of your business’ success online. 


Search Engine Optimisation

How does on page seo work?

How does seo work?

How long does seo take to work?

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