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Technical SEO

In a nutshell, technical seo refers to the process of optimising technical aspects of a website, that in turn help search engines crawl, render and index a website more effectively, thus helping to improve rankings. The work involved is often carried out by a technical seo agency who will provide a website audit that outlines technical site issues.

Technical SEO

While there are several key elements that come into play when looking at the technical seo of a website, there are a few common areas that can easily be diagnosed: 

  • Duplicate content - Search engines such as Google often frown upon duplicate content, as such it is important to keep site content fresh and unique to each page.
  • Site speed - In an age where almost everything is instant, website users expect the same experience whenever they visit a website. 
  • Sitemaps & hierarchy - This is an important document to provide to search engines as it helps them to be far more efficient and effective when crawling and indexing your site. 


Technical seo services

As a technical seo agency we provide a range of services that are geared towards optimising the technical side of your website. While on page and off page are often the elements of seo that get the most attention, technical seo requires just as much attention. 

This is why when working on seo for clients our in-house seo specialists dedicate time towards working on everything from site architecture and UX to accessibility and structured markup…and everything in between. 

As part of our technical seo offer, we provide a technical seo audit, which in its most basic term is a website audit that maps out and provides guidance of everything our seo team will work on. 

Our technical seo audit highlights all technical problems, letting you know exactly where you are at currently and what needs to be worked on in order to grow your business online.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO

Why is technical seo important?

As a technical seo agency we understand how crucially important it is to have your technical seo in order, why? Because it is this key part of search engine optimisation that tells search engines that your website is one of high value, and high value = better rankings. 

Aside from the key role technical seo plays in helping search engines to crawl and index your site, it also covers elements of accessibility and user experience. This is key as both have become increasingly important ranking factors.

What is a technical seo agency?

A technical seo agency is an agency that specialises in seo and as such will engage in a range of seo related activities that will help you website to increase its organic search traffic. At Star digital we deliver state-of-the-art solutions and industry-leading technical expertise in order to boost commercial value for your business and generate leads.

A key part of this goal as far as SEO is concerned is ensuring all technical aspects of your website comply with industry standards as such we offer a range of services to our seo clients these include:

  • Site architecture
  • Javascript optimisation
  • Content amendments
  • Resolving page errors
  • XML sitemaps
  • And much more!
Technical SEO
Technical SEO
What are technical seo KPIs?
  • Duplicate content ratio
  • Crawl ratio
  • Page speed
  • Organic visits
  • Crawl errors


Technical SEO

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