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Your copy isn’t just a handful of words written down on a page. It’s your pitch, and it’s got to pack a punch. You want it to be clear, concise and creative; meaningful, organised and persuasive. If you’re sat in a coffee shop scrolling through your socials, what sentences are going to make you stop and take a further look? Work with us to understand what that means for your business, and let us craft compelling copy to capture your brand.

Spoilt for choice? We get it.

When you're setting up shop in the digital world, you've got to hit the target on your first try. That's why we do the heavy lifting for you. At Star Digital, we pride ourselves on being platform agnostic. Our developers have experience across all platforms, sowe'll work with you to strategically choose the best home for your business.

Attention spans. They’re short. That’s why your copy should be too. It’s important that it doesn’t beat around the bush, that they instantly understand what you’re trying to say.

Copywriting is as much about strategising as it is sentence structure. Whether it’s a snapshot of a product on your socials, or a long-form blog building up what your brand stands for; any copy you put your name to is a hierarchy of information to be consumed. When your audience consumes your copy, it’s your opportunity to influence their decisions and create meaningful conversions.

We believe in creating moments that matter, and in user experiences that are unique. You might have the perfect product, and a wonderful website, but without the captivating copy to match – your messaging and your experiences fall flat. We’re big believers in brand storytelling, and here’s how we can help you craft compelling copy.

Digital Marketing

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Content for your audience, copy for Google

If you want your users to understand your brand, you've got to get your message across in a meaningful and memorable way. So it's important that your copy is creative, compelling and concise. It's just as important that your audience are finding you, and crafting copy that's SEO-friendly for search engine result pages (SERPs!) is paramount to that process.

Working with our digital marketing experts, we'll undertake comprehensive research into your audience's keyword intent - the reason they're searching for the keywords you want to target. Using this, we can avoid keyword stuffing and craft copy that closely matches keyword intent. Search engines are fans of phrase-based indexing, so we help you create copy that is as much in your audience's language as it is your brand. Let's not forget links - we'll help you find ways to link your content up throughout your copy.

Improve engagement, increase interactions

You could have a message for the many, but only the few stick around to consume it. Your content and copy has got to be captivating and compelling from the opening line. We'll help you identify a problem, agitate it with some digging, and propose a solution - it's the only intro you'll need to keep users shifting back to the search results. It might sound surprising, but so many brands bury important information. Whether it's your existing copy, or crafting something new, we'll employ techniques like the inverted pyramid to create a user experience-friendly hierarchy of information that improves engagement and increases interactions.

Readability for the masses

Converting visitors into customers is a challenging task. Creating compelling copy helps. Optimising it does too. Improving your readability is even better. If users are dropping off as soon as they land, chances are your content isn't quite right for them. If you're using complicated language your audience can't comprehend, they'll click off. We use industry-leading tools to analyse your existing copy's readability and repurpose it to improve your score and increase your conversion opportunities. We'll work with our experts in branding to make sure your copy isn't getting lost in your typography, and break up bulk text with images and videos with a little help from our motion graphics team.

Creating connections, refreshing perspectives

Connections. We love them. It's why crosswords and crime shows are so popular. It's also the difference standing between you and your competitors when it comes to copy. For example, you could write a list of facts about crosswords. Or, you could connect the dots to your users and play on the experiences they'll get from crosswords. We look at ways in which we can repurpose your copy and create connections that improves your user experience and increases development opportunities. In many ways, it's all about tilting your perspective to put across your message in a way that'll allow your users to connect the dots.

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Motion graphics make social media so much better. We've made loads of great content for lots of great companies. check it out below.

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