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You've got a product you're proud of, and a website that represents your brand. Without the digital marketing to match, you're stuck at square one. Whether it's a social media strategy, email marketing campaign, or simply getting your head around Google Ads - we've got you covered.

Spoilt for choice? We get it.

When you're setting up shop in the digital world, you've got to hit the target on your first try. That's why we do the heavy lifting for you. At Star Digital, we pride ourselves on being platform agnostic. Our developers have experience across all platforms, sowe'll work with you to strategically choose the best home for your business.

We are experts in the discipline of SOSTAC. This is an industry leading framework which is used to drive results for your brand. We love it and here’s why.

Situational Analysis

How is your brand currently performing, what are the opportunities? Threats? What are your competitors doing? What’s working? What isn’t?


We work closely with you to define specific objectives and KPI’s which will help to achieve your overall vision


Who are your customers? How can they be segmented and targeted? What content do they like to digest and what online experience do they want to have?

Tactics & Action

What channels will be the most effective to reach your target market (Google ads, social, emails). We will then work closely with you to outlay a digital roadmap and collate timings 


We create monthly reports to showcase our performance throughout the month and highlight what’s working well and what needs to be improved upon. This is reinforced with monthly calls to ensure we're hitting your KPIs 

Digital Marketing
Social Media

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Search Engine Optimisation

It shouldn’t be complicated to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERP) but it’s certainly not easy. Our team of experts know you don’t have the time to stay on top of Googles (many!) updates, so we’ll do this for you. As Google focuses heavily on page experience and includes Web Core Vitals as a ranking factor, you can trust that our team will be ahead of the curve and ensure your organic rankings improve. SEO is vast and wide, and we’ve implemented various strategies to increase our clients search presence.


It’s not difficult to capture clicks on your ads, but it’s not always easy ensuring each click comes from a member of your target audience. As Google Agency partners, our team of experts will work their magic to increase quality scores, reduce bid rates and improve your keyword rankings. We strategically optimise opportunities for growth in conversion rates and drive new and returning traffic to your site so you can focus your sights on building other areas of your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for marketing your business in this day and age, so let our experts evolve yours. Through strategic analysis and planning, we’ll use our marketing automation systems to set up automatic emails that are timely, personalised and hyper-relevant to your audience creating an increase in clicks, visits and revenue. Simply sit back and watch your brand awareness and business opportunities grow from strength-to-strength with our compelling and creative campaigns.

Social Media

We live in a world where we’re always online, which means your business needs to be too. 53% of Facebook users are more likely to buy into your brand when they can interact with you personally. You’ll know your audience, but it’s not so easy reaching them. That’s why our experts will tap into the social media slipstream and drill into Facebook’s extensive targeting options to increase awareness of your business and improve conversion rates. 54% of Instagram users make a purchase after seeing a product on the platform, so our experts will ensure your posts are always ahead of the algorithm, increasing maximum conversion and new visitors to your site.

Video Library

Motion graphics make social media so much better. We've made loads of great content for lots of great companies. check it out below.

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Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

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