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Competitive, scary, technical, ubiquitous. E-commerce is truly multi-channel as we hurl through the 2020s. You must choose the right platform and understand the marketplaces that can help deliver sales. Additionally, you need to ensure you market to your core audience effectively. Email us your RFQ today for a free consultation.

Spoilt for choice? We get it.

When you're setting up shop in the digital world, you've got to hit the target on your first try. That's why we do the heavy lifting for you. At Star Digital, we pride ourselves on being platform agnostic. Our developers have experience across all platforms, sowe'll work with you to strategically choose the best home for your business.

When it comes to e-commerce, getting it right first time is crucial

It's really important that you choose the right partner to work with you on your e-commerce project. Whether it’s a migration to a new platform, hooking up your new back office for warehousing and stock control, or managing your digital marketing and marketplace feed projects.

At Star, we won't force you into a technology platform because we get a kickback. We will ensure that we’ve done the due diligence and sourced the right solution for your needs. And if we can’t, we’ll say so.


the details

E-commerce design and build

Our UI/UX team work directly with you to identify compelling, effective and unique customer journeys. Each concept is tested with your core market so that your store is designed to deliver conversions in your target demographic from day one. Working in collaboration with our Motion Graphics team, we create stores that excite your customers and bring your brand to life. 

E-commerce platforms

In the world of E-commerce, there are a lot of competing platforms to choose from. As each platform comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, picking the right one for your business isn't always easy. Sometimes you know which platform you want, which is fantastic, but if you aren't sure and need some advice - we've got you. So get in touch with us today, we'll be more than happy to pore over your RFQ. We'll discuss which direction will best suit your business requirements as you look to grow your brand.

Back office and marketplace feed integrations

A lot is happening behind the scenes when delivering an omnichannel e-commerce strategy. One of the toughest parts is the joining up of disparate technologies. We often find that there will be an ERP, an OMS, a PIM and several feeds to 3rd party marketplaces, as well as additional marketing automation tools that all have to be integrated into your e-commerce store to deliver to its full potential. We’ve got the experience and skills to deliver seamless integrations.

E-commerce marketing consultancy

No matter your businesses aims and objectives, our team works directly with you to help you maximise your return on advertising spend (ROAS) when using paid digital channels such as Google Ads and Social Media Ads. In addition, we have expert developers that will keep on top of your technical SEO, and copywriters that can bring your product descriptions to life whilst making them original and search-effective.

Video Library

Motion graphics make social media so much better. We've made loads of great content for lots of great companies. check it out below.

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