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Social media? Saturated. Storefronts? Saturated. Services? Saturated. With great accessibility comes great competition. We scroll and scroll and scroll day in and day out, so what’s going to make your brand stand out? Well, for us, we believe motion graphics are the emotionally captivating, passive experiences you’re looking for.

Spoilt for choice? We get it.

When you're setting up shop in the digital world, you've got to hit the target on your first try. That's why we do the heavy lifting for you. At Star Digital, we pride ourselves on being platform agnostic. Our developers have experience across all platforms, sowe'll work with you to strategically choose the best home for your business.

Beyond being attention-grabbing, motion graphics are all about biology.

We decide with our eyes, and we mirror the emotions of the experiences we share on our screens. If you’ve got interactive content cropping up across your socials or up and down your website; you’re going to make your users excited about your brand – creating meaningful conversions in the process.

It’s safe to say we’re living in constructive, exciting and unpredictable times. It’s more important now than ever before that as a brand and as a business, you’re using the digital era to your advantage.Motion graphics help your users easily comprehend complex ideas in simple and engaging ways. They can be constructive, exciting, unpredictable – or a combination of the three.

When someone does something cool, it’s likely you and all your friends know about it. A lot of the time, its motion graphics making the magic happen.

Captivating videos? Motion graphics. Interactive experiences? Motion graphics.Ultimate user experiences? Motion graphics. Here’s how our motion graphic experts support your brand in standing out.

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Animate your brand

Motion graphics are about more than simply capturing someone's attention. They're an unlimited toolbox of opportunities to animate your brand and uplift your user experience. We can help you guide your users across your website with simple interaction animation. Not only will this elevate the look and feel of your website, but it'll also take your site-wide navigation and user journey to the next level. We're agile, technology-agonistic designers' so we're fully flexible in how we create animations and interactions across your site. Whether it's a GIF, a LOTTIE, or a video - we've got you.

Consistency is crucial

It's hard to believe in a business when their messaging is a mixed-bag. By pulling together high-quality stock assets, such as music and footage, we tailor our content to your brand to keep everything consistent. That's why we like creating templates for social, and animations to navigate your site - that consistency is crucial in keeping everyone captivated. Attention spans are short, so let us support you in maximising your users time.

Elevate your social media

Human brains are hardwired to comprehend and recognise visuals more effectively than other forms of content. So when your audience are scrolling through social media, you need to capture their attention before the next brand does. We'll analyse your audience and your competitors to understand what makes them tick and where you can stand out. Through this, we can craft multi-functional fully-editable social media templates to elevate your brand across your platforms whilst keeping it all consistent. Want some help catching your audiences imagination? Sure thing, we can support you in making animations, images and videos to help drive traffic to your website.

Storybook branding

We're big on brand storytelling. It's kind of our bread and butter. We believe motion graphics play a big part in telling your story. Alongside our experts in branding, we can create passionate and powerful videos that clearly and concisely convey your brand to your audience in seconds. We can create interactive elements and animations that enliven your website, improve engagement and boost conversions. You've got a story to tell and a product to sell - we can help you do both.

Video Library

Motion graphics make social media so much better. We've made loads of great content for lots of great companies. check it out below.

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Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics

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