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We are thrilled to have Star Digital as an official Shopify Plus Partner. With their award winning services powered by the stability of shopify Plus, we anticipate building great things together. Welcome Star Digital!

Martyn Boddy – Head of Agency Partnerships – Shopify Plus

Star Digital are Shopify Plus Partners, delivering both Shopify and Shopify Plus ecommerce design and build solutions and digital marketing for clients.

Our team are certified in Shopify business, product and theming disciplines to give you the expert help you need to prosper with Shopify.

Upload your RFI today to see how Shopify Plus could be a better solution for your ecommerce requirements.

Shopify Plus is the easy to use, multi-channel enterprise ecommerce software solution that reduces development friction and cost when compared to traditional enterprise commerce applications.

When specifying an enterprise ecommerce solution, it is useful to factor in the below points to the total cost of ownership (TCO). Shopify Plus scores heavily because of the low friction build/launch/post launch costs and operational overheads.

Some key advantages of Shopify Plus enterprise ecommerce over other solutions include;

  • Inclusive fully hosted cloud based solution
  • Easy customisation of the design layer
  • RESTful API for integration with other IT platforms
  • Wholesale Channel for trade only web stores
  • Upgrades & new feature releases are seamlessly rolled out
  • 24/7 fast, pain-free implementation support
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Merchant Success and Support

Shopify’s expert team of Launch Managers, Merchant Success Managers, and Dedicated Support Members work alongside the Star Digital developers to ensure that your transition to Shopify Plus is smooth, fast, and painless.

Dedicated Launch Managers support your launch needs and serve as a technical point of contact for migration and development coordination.

Merchant Success Managers help you navigate the wealth of resources at your disposal. From billing to development, themes to channels, they are with you every step of the way.

24x7 Priority Support provides you with expertise on the Shopify Plus platform, day or night.

Customisable Front End (Liquid)

Shopify Plus is an open canvas, completely agnostic to the presentation layer, meaning that our Shopify front end developers can create storefronts that are totally on message and honed to suit your customer journey requirements.

Our Shopify experts can edit themes using Liquid to deliver a bespoke experience on the Shopify Plus platform.

With over 1,300 apps in the Shopify App Ecosystem, (growing daily) there are easy ways to incorporate key extendibility to named enterprise solutions and easily manage data transformation and integration.

We have and experience with Shopify Flow for ecommerce automation and Mailchimp to manage RFM email campaigns as well as Launchpad to manage promotions and flash sales.

Omni-channel Ecommerce Sell Anywhere

Shopify Channels allows merchants to quickly deploy commerce capabilities on 3rd party channels allowing them to sell directly off the page.

The multichannel abilities built into Shopify Plus allows you to be where the customer is, whether its pre-packed connections to Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon or Houzz, or custom connections using the Shopify Channel SDK you can be sure that Shopify Plus drives customer engagement and improves brand awareness.

The Shopify POS mobile payment solution lets you process orders face to face in your store, or at events providing a professional and single point of management for your operations and customers.

The Shopify mobile app is available for Apple iOS and enables merchants to manage their orders on the go, add products and stay up to date with sales and visitor traffic

Popular extensions such as Nosto are available to extend the user experience and develop the user journey maximising marketing outcomes. Nosto analyses unique browsing and buying behaviour of every visitor to your Shopify Plus store, building individual customer profiles. Displaying the most relevant products across your site in real-time, making the shopping journey more personal and inspiring. Happier customers mean repeat visits, higher order volumes and, most importantly, more sales.

The Shopify Plus buy button SDK allows our developers to build ecommerce right into any website using a lightweight js library, generating a checkout URL for a single product or entire cart.

Shopify Plus Extendibility

Shopify Plus has a diverse ecosystem of apps, integrations and custom tools to help deliver smart ecommerce solutions. With established connectivity to NetSuite, Sage, SAP and MS Dynamics the Star Digital ‘Connector Plus’ technology can be used to auto import/export data between ERP/WMS/OMS platforms.

New! With the launch of the all new Shopify Plus Warehouse channel you can now deliver truly enterprise class B2B password protected ecommerce for your clients

If you are on the Shopify Plus plan, then you can add the wholesale channel to give your buyers access to a separate, password-protected wholesale store.

Shopify Plus is particularly well tuned to merchants that want to focus on ROI tactics rather than constant development costs, security patching and upgrades. It has a focus on delivering robust scalable provision to high-growth, high-volume merchants and is established with over 2500 Enterprise merchants.

As Shopify Plus Developers we know that the advantages the platform provides are centred around the drive to simplify ecommerce and hand control to the merchant.

Typical deployments are a 1/3rd of the time seen in competitor products such as Magento Enterprise, with standardised RESTful API’s and managed hosting included in your license fee. All that’s required to maintain and run a Shopify Plus installation from the merchant side is content managers and merchandisers.

Wholesale Channel (B2B)

You can customize the prices that you offer your wholesale buyers by:

  • Setting percentage-based discounts across an entire store or across a collection.
  • Setting variant-specific prices in price lists (such as a flat price).
  • Providing different prices to different buyers.
  • Setting a minimum order amount for all wholesale orders.
  • Sending an invoice to be fulfilled using your Shopify payment system.
  • Sending a customized email that allows for fulfilment using a different payment method, such as a wire transfer.
  • Marking the invoice as paid or partially paid as you receive payments.
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