The support partnership you need to keep Shopify optimised

At Star Digital we call this priority support, as we want to have a supportive and meaningful partnership with our clients and support should not just mean technical support, but support for all thing’s ecommerce.

Knowing that you've got agency support available to take advantage of all that Shopify has to offer (to create new flows, add apps, fix UI issues or other coding bugs in Liquid, add new features, designs and back end integrations), gives you peace of mind on a fixed budget to manage getting all those 'little things' done, whilst knowing you have a team on hand if something 'critical' happens.

Star Digital offer Priority Shopify Support Packages to give you ongoing support when and how you need it. Far more effective and less expensive than ad-hoc support requests our packages which start from as little as 10 hours a month allow you to use us to support your Shopify environment across any of our service offerings, from design, to SEO, to back office development.

By securing an agreed set of hours each month you will get a dedicated customer success manager to work with, and they will provide you with a fully transparent timesheet of how your hours have been used in each month. Our support programme is designed to deliver an extra department to your business, partnering with you for the future.

Shopify Design & Theming Services


We respond quickly to requests for support by priory support service clients, giving them peace of mind that budgets won't be impacted.

Shopify Liquid Coding Agency


Priority support clients can use their hours for any of our services giving them the flexibility to decide on how hours are used.

Shopify Marketing Agency


Your priority support manager works with you to agree tasks for the coming month and to receive and triage any urgent issues.



The beauty brand that brought us Wunderbrow chose Star Digital to design and build their multilingual multinational Shopify Plus stores. A 12 week end to end project.

Wunderbrow Shopify Plus
Guava & Gold Shopify


The luxury body care brand chose Star Digital to build their Shopify store, migrating from a Woo Commerce environment, and providing a full suite of design and digital marketing and online merchandising work to help continue to build their market presence.


This fashion brand worked with Star Digital to build their upmarket Shopify store and keep it looking fresh and up to date with ongoing design, coding and marketing support services...

MG Rivers Shopify by Star Digital
Solid Wood Flooring Shopify by Star Digital


Star Digital designed and built a Shopify environment for this leading Solid Wood flooring brand migrating from a Magento 1 platform. The checkout was modified to allow for sample ordering from within Shopify.



For all support requirements on Shopify we have the right people to help you, fill out our form today to start a discussion on securing your priority support block with a Star Digital priority support manager.

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