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Yolli is a UK supplier of confectionary products and equipment. They sell everything from lollipop sticks, cupcake cases and chocolate moulds, to cookie cutters, decorative ribbon and even vacuum packing machinery. With online sales going from strength to strength, they wanted to upgrade their website to Magento 2 to take full advantage of the platform’s powerful new eCommerce features. These features include faster site speed, improved admin back office and more.

Unlike other platforms, Magento doesn’t have a simple upgrade functionality that allows updates to be installed at the flick of a switch. Instead the website must be built from scratch on the Magento 2 platform. They took this opportunity to refresh their brand, creating a vibrant, new web design with a simple and effective user experience, before approaching a digital agency to turn their designs into a reality.

Selecting a highly-experienced agency for a Magento 2 project is crucial. As Magento 2 is still very much in its infancy, they required a certified Magento agency who they could trust to deliver a Megento 2 build to high specification, on time and on budget.

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Within a week of launch, the website achieved over 1,000 sessions with average session duration over two and a half minutes!

Yolli Website

What We Did

We worked collaboratively with Yolli to build a website that brought their designs alive, creating an experience that was user centric making it easy to navigate and find products. We built a fully responsive and search engine friendly Magento 2 eCommerce website that included a wide range of standard and custom modules.

We created a custom banner slider on the homepage that’s completely responsive, designed to appear perfectly in both landscape or portrait aspect ratio depending on device. The client simply uploads two banners (landscape and portrait) to the module, enters the copy that will be overlaid and they’re ready to be enabled. Unlike a lot of banner sliders, they’ll no longer have the issue of unreadable banner copy for mobile users.

Plus, we made the banner load time so much faster than normal, taking just 2 seconds – compared to 5-7 for the default settings. Default Magento banners wait until the rest of the page has loaded before it displays. However, we customised the settings so that it displays the banner almost instantly.

To create a sense of urgency and increase conversion rates across the site, we built a custom countdown timer that shows how long the user has left to order to get next day delivery. This is displayed across product pages and checkout, however could also be further extended across the site. It’s completely flexible, with the cut off time being allocated on a day-by-day basis, so it can be switched off at weekends.

We also built a custom trade pricing module that allowed certain customers to receive special pricing for items. We made this module simple to use, so Yolli simply choose a customer, select a product and insert the special price. Once enabled, this special price will be visible on the website when the customer is logged into their account.

Finally, to reduce time creating marketing emails, we built a custom SendGrid module that allows content from Magento to populate SendGrid email templates. Within Magento, they can insert standard email information such as subject line and sender, select an email template from SendGrid and then select products to feature within the email. It really is as easy as that, and allows them to easily engage with their customers on a more regular basis.

The Results

Within a week of launch, the website achieved over 1,000 sessions with average session duration over two and a half minutes – demonstrating high levels of customer engagement.

Ahead of launch, our digital marketing team conduct SEO checks and optimisations to ensure the website maintains its search engine rankings. Post launch, the website continued to gain almost 60% of traffic from organic sources.

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