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July 15, 2022

It was broke so we fixed it - a new look with a new focus for Star

Lots of websites have the same problem, 

They lose their focus. 

There may have been a plan in the beginning, but a week or two goes by, and they add a page. A page becomes a series of pages and before you know it, you have more CTA’s than content. Your message gets lost amongst the noise and the optimisation.

As people who spend our days fixing other people’s websites, we came to a realisation; we had the same problem everyone else had. We needed to fix our own website.

We had lost our focus. 

And we needed to do something about it.

2022 marked Star Digital's 16th year as a business which seems to be something of an accomplishment in a world of start-ups that are all anyone is talking about before fading into obscurity within a year. But 16 years is a long time, and that’s more than long enough for things to change. 

New staff, new clients, and a new focus. 

It was time to refocus and figure out what we were good at and what value we could add to new clients.

The conclusion we came to was that we make awesome websites, and that has to be our main focus.

Out with the old, in with the new

A completely new look - didn't we already do that?

We needed a new look that reflected this new motto.

One of the things we've always struggled with since moving to being a completely remote office is imagery. When everyone is working from their spare bedrooms and appearing with blurred backgrounds to mask the washing drying in the background of their zoom calls, candid office photographs become difficult.

You might have noticed that we rebranded last year. The name Star, whilst not being the route of its origin, lends itself to spacemen and planets. So, we leaned pretty heavily into the theme and ended up with a site that did the job but didn’t address the main issue.

We didn’t own any of the images we were using, (well, technically, we did - thanks to the ShutterStock licence), but they weren’t really ours and honestly, on reflection, we were lacking a little colour.

Introducing Allen.

Allen is our two birds, one stone solution; we reduce the need for candid office photos to pepper across our website, and he forms the heart of our new branding. We changed our typeface, introduced those much-needed colours and built in a little fun. It’s simple, concise, and who doesn’t want their own mascot.

Allen was a lot of work, so you'll be seeing a lot of him

Our new look for Star has a complete with a new focus. We’re pretty happy with this and would encourage you to take a look around our new website. And if you need an awesome website, you really ought to get in touch. 

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Astronaut - Moon - Star DigitalAstronaut - Moon - Star Digital