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Black Friday 2022: 5 More Creative Campaigns To Boost Your Business

Black Friday is the booster shot your business is looking for as your Christmas campaigns kick-off. Arriving the day after Thanksgivingin the United States – which is the 25th November 2022 this year!-  Black Friday is known as the day the super sales conquer the world. But it’s not just an opportunity to sell off last season’s stock or promote a quiet service – it’s a chance for you to build brand awareness, develop your audience, and grow your website traffic.


How important is Black Friday to businesses?

It’s no secret: shoppers go bananas for Black Friday. It’s where most of us start our Christmas shopping, and where the rest go hunting for bargains. The expected value of total spending over Black Friday 2022 in the UK is £9.42billion. 36.64% of men in the UK and 42.37% of women plan to spend on Black Friday 2022, with Gen Z (54%) and Millennials (48%) most likely to dig deeper than any other generation. 67% of the silent generation plan toshop online only, whilst the millennials and Gen Z generations are more likely to shop online and in-store with you.  

So many online stores fall at the first hurdle. It's simple enough and easy to do. But if you're going to succeed on Black Friday andbeyond, you can't forget this golden rule: shopping online is more than just a point-and-click game.

 We know it’s not easy, so we’re giving you a helping hand.Here’s 5 more creative campaigns to boost your business during Black Friday2022.


Cards Against Humanity – Pays You $5 Sale

The party game to end all party games doesn’t just bring the banter to family BBQ’s – they bring it to Black Friday, too. Rather than put their billions of expansion packs up for sale, Cards Against Humanity dida little reverse psychology and paid their customers instead. 

On Black Friday 2021, they sent the citizens of America on wild goose chases for all sorts of things – and if you found something they wanted, you’d bag yourself anything from $5 to $10,000. From advertising their website to following a map for buried treasure and getting your Covid-19 vaccination, the challenges were as weird and wonderful as their branding.

It had them dominating the socials as customers shared their adventures – and their winnings! – spreading the Card Against Humanity cause.So whilst they weren’t doubling down on sales, they boosted their brand awareness and built a bunch of customer loyalty.


Dryrobe - #OptOutside

Some businesses will shovel Black Friday deals down our inboxes like they’re feeding a chimney fire. Others get us thinking about their brands by boycotting Black Friday altogether.

The UK’s inventors of the first outdoor change robe Dryrobe have spent the past 5 years ditching the Black Friday festivities. Instead, they run their #OptOutside campaign every year. They claim that Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t suit their business or the way they work, because it doesn’t fit in with their ideals.

So, every Black Friday, Dryrobe shut down their office and give their staff a paid day off to spend time away from their screens in the great outdoors. And they encourage their customers to do the same, having them share their outdoor moments via the hashtag. And they end up with a bunch of brilliant user-generated content. Genius.


IKEA – Bring Back Friday

Black Friday isn’t just for boosting sales or reinforcing your values, it’s about changing your brand’s reputation, too. Take furniture giants IKEA – they’re known for their Swedish meatballs and hide-and-seek-sizedstores, not sustainability. But then they launched Bring Back Friday

During a two-week period built around Black Friday, they encouraged customers to return their unwanted, used furniture to their CircularHub – where they buy-back furniture – for an additional 50% on top of their normal buy-back price.

In just two weeks, they used a single week to re-establish their position on sustainability whilst reinforcing their customer loyalty and brand awareness.


Ivory Ella - #GivingTuesday

First, we had Black Friday. Then they gave us Cyber Monday.And everyone jumped on the bandwagon. So, why not buck the trend and stand out by creating your own day, right?

Online for-profit clothing store Ivory Ella, who donate a portion of proceeds to non-profit wildlife conservationists Save The Elephant, said adios to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in favour of#GivingTuesday.

All you have to do is donate $5 and you get 40% off across everything sitewide automatically applied at checkout. It’s not the only time they’ve used the day to do good either, they’ve also ran versions of it to offer 100% of proceeds made to buying coats for children in need. The day boosted their sales and reaffirmed their entire brand’s value proposition.


Just Eat – Every Black Friday Idea In One

Just Eat gives you every takeaway choice you could possibly think of at the click of a button. So, why should there Black Friday deals beany different? Rather than offer a single discount or offer, they opted for several different campaigns on the same day.

Just Eat teamed up with TopCashback to offer a £15 refund for any new members to the site, whilst also partnering with the UK charity FoodCycle – who serve meals from unwanted food across the UK – to prevent food waste. And, for every order made on Black Friday, they donated 50p to the charity,raising over £250,000.

So, they bought a whole bunch of new customers to their site, as well as strengthened their brand awareness and positioning. Even if itwas just for a day, they really were feeding the world.


If you need more Black Friday inspiration, discover our 5 creative Black Friday campaigns that work and Top 5 Tips & Tricks for eCommerce Stores blogs.

And if you’re feeling unprepared for Black Friday, get in touch with us today to get ahead of your competitors.

Written by
Jack Press
Astronaut - Moon - Star DigitalAstronaut - Moon - Star Digital