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July 22, 2021

How to pick the perfect social media platforms for your brand

Some businesses jump into social media campaigns before choosing their platforms. Often or not, it's like diving into the deep end before you've learnt to swim.

Businesses will often cast a wide net across all platforms and hope for the best. However, if you’re looking to achieve your KPI’s, create credibility, and build your brand’s awareness, you’re better off thinking about your core audience and focusing on the platforms they’ll be using.

Whether it's Instagram’s grid or Twitter’s character limits, each platform has its own way of working. The users are different; gimmicks chop and change, interactions are unique, and content shifts to fit the shape.

To support you in building your brand’s social media presence, here’s our quick guide to the platforms that matter.


With more than 2.8 billion global users, Facebook can often make you feel like a small fish in a big pond. However, its targeted advertising mechanics and in-depth analytics are perfect for drilling far down the funnel to reach your target demographic.

Facebook isn’t solely for you to build your brand awareness. Your audience is using it to find you, too. Two-thirds of Facebook users are visiting the Facebook pages of local businesses at least once a week. It’s gone from being the home of embarrassing memories and happy birthday posts to a bustling community of potential customers.

If your business brings together those of all ages, it’s good to know that 72.8% of Facebook users are between 18 and 44 years old. If you’re trying to catch them all in one net, this could be the platform for you.


LinkedIn focuses on the people behind the brand more than the physical product itself. It’s the perfect place for cultivating connections and developing partnerships. It’s your golden opportunity to shine the spotlight on your brand to grow your business behind the scenes.

Boasting more than 740 million active professionals, LinkedIn allows you to gain authority and establish yourself and your business as thought leaders in your industry.

Like playing with Lego, LinkedIn creates countless opportunities for you to build your business from the inside. Its extensive job hub allows you to find the perfect fit for your business the first time, every time.

If you are going for growth, it’s worth noting that 57% of global users are male. The best time to post is usually at the end of the working week between 8am and 10am from Wednesday through to Friday.


If you’re all about creativity and imagination, Instagram is the home for your brand. It’s visual feeds offer you the opportunity to reflect your brand’s unique selling points whilst standing out from the crowd.  

It’s fantastic for storytelling. And storytelling is fantastic for boosting engagement. With its 15-second stories, Instagram gives you the keys to the content marketing kingdom. Whether you’re showcasing your latest products, introducing your team, or simply sharing a new offer, these creative bursts will see your brand blossom.

Hashtags will help drive traffic to your page. Users search for the hashtags they’re interested in, so if you get yours right, you’ll be meeting the right people. Don’t forget, product tagging lets you direct your new fans to your store.

Instagram has over 1.2 billion active users documenting their lives visually. 9 in 10 of these users follow business accounts, and 90 million people tap product tags each month. Its most frequent users are 18-34-year-olds, so it’s worth bearing that in mind.


Twitter is a little like that 50/50 bread. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s all about the C’s: connections, communication, content. From retweeting content that fits your brand’s feel to keeping up to date with what’s happening in your industry, it offers a lot of options for growth.

Like LinkedIn, Twitter is best to blast out your 280-character tweets between 9am and 11am across the working week. Get your followers correct using Twitter’s connectivity and hashtags, and those short bursts of content become bitesize chunks of marketing direct to your target audience.

Twitter can connect you to fellow creatives and entrepreneurs. It can help you build your business from behind-the-scenes, too. Unlike LinkedIn though, you can still build your brand for your customers, too.

There’s so much space to share your personality and show off just how unique you and your business truly are. Just look at your favourite brand if you need an example.


Ah, TikTok. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s what all the kids are going on about. It’s also the app all the brands are jumping onto the bandwagon with. And so should you.

It’s a little like Instagram. Only, every post you put out is a 15-60 second video clip. Yep, it’s all about creating strikingly visual content. It’s the perfect place to bring out your brand’s personality.

It’s become so popular and powerful that artists have had number one hits simply by going viral on it. If you have a product or a service that can do the talking, let it loose on this platform.

Its unique selling point for brands is its users. Unlike any of the above social platforms, 73.5% of TikTok users are aged between 10-24. That’s right; there’s heaps of potential to tap into a whole new audience. Naturally, it opens a whole new realm of opportunities for growth depending on what you do, so definitely consider it if your brand is looking to be fresh and fun.

Social media isn’t a one-stop-shop.

It’s all about trial and error. This guide should help you get off the ground running. However, we take pride in helping businesses shape brands. If you’re needing some support getting started with social media, get in touch with our digital marketing team today to discover how we can help you strategise for success

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