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September 29, 2017

Stars’ Top 5 Social Media Tips to make you stand out this Christmas

Holiday season is one of the liveliest periods of the year for online sales, meaning massive competition and the perfect opportunity to develop a Social Media Strategy that makes you stand out!

In the past few years, Social Media has swiftly evolved across the World, there are approximately 3.03 billion active social media users. With that in mind, your average company uses around 3 social platforms, this includes Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. So, if you do not have a social media presence, you are missing out on a huge range of opportunities.


Social Media Marketing is a cost-effective advertising channel when implemented properly (both in time and money). Some companies spend a huge amount on offline advertising, spending money with no measurability of the impact of their spend. Advertising your brand and products through social media can be as simple as uploading an image and pressing a button, and the best part is, is that Social Media channels enable you to engage and target a specific and relevant audience; increasing your general visibility and providing measurement on the return on advertising spend (ROAS).


Posting appealing images, videos and animated GIFs is a great way to grab a user’s attention. You don’t have to be a pro in photoshop, thanks to the easy image editor’s now available such as are Canva and Adobe Spark.

Instagram and Facebook have enabled options where you can upload multiple images and as a carousel. When used effectively these images create a brand halo effect delivering user awareness and can pull people into your site creating user engagement and potential conversion.

Run a poll

People love a vote! Asking your audience, a question can be an effective way to attract a lot of active engagement with your brand. You can relate the poll to your business and increase consumer interest by linking to seasonal holidays, events or products (such as Christmas). Polls are a great way to receive customer feedback enabling your business to start generating those all-important conversations with visitors.


Share the Christmas spirit by giving away one of your products or services, don’t be a social scrooge. A giveaway is a simple yet successful way to gain a higher presence on social media, as who can’t resist a freebie? Make sure you use it as an opportunity to gather data responsibly, allowing you to continue the marketing conversation afterwards

Engage with followers

Engaging with your followers, can go a long way. By answering questions and responding back to comments (yes, that means negative ones not just the positive ones!), shows you are interested in an open communication line with your followers. You can analyse and control your social sites through a single platform, like Hootsuite and Sprout social making it even easier to post out engaging content on a regular basis. These platforms make managing your social media super easy.

If you have a lot of social traffic asking questions, you should also be looking at Chatbot technologies to streamline the inquiry process and improve customer service perceptions.

As you can see from this blog post, building a successful social marketing strategy is important, it helps build a relationship with customers, increases brand awareness and is an excellent way to generate new leads and increase sales.

If you think Social Marketing is for you and you want to be at the top of your game, contact our friendly team of digital marketers for a chat. They can help you come up with an engaging Social Marketing strategy to drive your brand awareness forwards.

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Astronaut - Moon - Star DigitalAstronaut - Moon - Star Digital