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November 23, 2022

Why we swear by Figma as our collaborative design tool

Ahh Figma, you little beauty. Since releasing in 2016, it's continued to grow and flourish to become what it is now. With approximately 4 million users, it’s every designer’s breath of fresh air, with everything in one place. A simple and friendly user interface, impressive features, unmatched collaboration, and best of all: it's FREE.

I feel like we need to put an #AD here, but this is just how much we love Figma, and we wanted to share why we think it’s so great.

Real time collaboration

Top on the list has got to be the real-time collaboration that Figma offers. This means that lots of us can be looking at and editing the same project at the same time. Our developers cancode whilst the designer creates or add comments and amendments in real time to be actioned right away. If you’re a team that works from home like us, this increases productivity immensely. The immediate feedback undoubtedly speeds up the creative process. No more sending your files over and then waiting for feedback, only for them to have to package it back up and send it over - how old school does that sound?!

Bowser based

With Figma, everything works seamlessly on the Web. Of course, you can use the Figma desktop app, but it’s completely browser-based, which is particularly great for the person reviewing the designs, or if you’re not on your main screen. This means there’s no need to download a huge piece of software that takes up all that space on your machine. All you need is a decent internet connection and a good browser (we prefer chrome). This makes showing clients the designs so much easier for us and them too. There’s no doubt that they are very thankful not to have to download a huge file that clogs up their emails


On that note, Figma offers simple prototyping options to make your web design look and work like a real website, which will always impress a client. You can not only show the flow of the website, but you can add hover and click effects and scrolling animations. It’s simple, not too complex for clients to navigate and great for presenting your designs. It’s a modern and streamlined solution to the problem of constantly needing to switch up your tools, meaning better productivity and less times pent on the boring stuff. Music to our ears!

As easy as A,B,C

Even for a brand new wide-eyed junior designer who’s only ever used Illustrator at Uni (cough, that was me, cough), it’s a friendly platform that’s not overwhelming or daunting at all. It’s really easy to pick up and has tonnes of straightforward resources within the Figma community to learn anything you aren’t sure of. We do recognise that it has its limitations, and therefore we often hop to other tools to create certain elements. But even once we’ve created a video for the homepage in After Effects, we can easily chuck it back into Figma and see it working within the design. It’s pretty amazing how something so simple to use can create such a streamlined design process from the designer to the developer and ultimately create some really beautiful designs. If we do say so ourselves! 

All our web designs start in Figma. It’s the place where our creativity comes to life, from the initial mood boards and styling ideas to the precise and comprehensive set of designs ready to be built. Take a peek at our work and see the wide range of designs we’ve rustled up. 

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