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July 29, 2022

Working From Home: What we’ve learned so far and why it works for us

Now that we’ve introduced our brand re-fresh (which we hope you love), we thought it was only right that we let you in a bit more on how we work here at Star Digital. Some of you may not know that since the (what feels like very distant) days of the pandemic, along with many businesses around the globe, we fully transitioned from working in an office in Northamptonshire to permanently working from home.

As a creative team, we're extremely aware of how important it is for us to collaborate daily, brainstorm together, and simply chat away in the kitchen when making a cuppa. So we can’t deny that there was a pang of worry that crossed our minds: could this actually work?


More advantages than meets the eye

But as humans do, we adjusted to the situation pretty quickly, and after we got the hang of it, we were experiencing positive outcomes that we didn’t expect. What was really interesting was how quickly we adapted to the tools, figured out any issues and made it work. Our processes were running as smooth as ever, if not better. 

Apart from the many undeniable benefits of the WFH lifestyle, such as less commuting, better work-life balance, greater flexibility, and being able to pick your kids up from school, we realised that there were more advantages than first meets the eye.


We've all been there

Talent scouting anywhere and everywhere

As a business that just keeps growing, we realised that we could use this change as a chance to welcome new employees to the team from anywhere. Removing restrictions to hiring within an appropriate commuting radius gave us access to the best talent regardless of where they were based. Thanks to the dreaded C word (...COVID), most people are now checking that ‘Remote Working’ box on their job hunts, so offering a remote position gives you extreme leverage over your competition.


Boosting team morale

Some studies show that employees become way more productive, less distracted, and more focused. And they're right! Overall employee well-being has improved due to the previous struggle of trying to run errands and schedule appointments disappearing overnight. So now we're a workforce that is a lot less stressed and much happier, so it's all smiles over here!


Office banter's still here - it's a GIF(t)

We aim to find the balance between flexibility and collaboration, using Asana and Slack for constant communication, keeping track of tasks and increasing productivity. We realise the importance of real interactions, which can strengthen relationships between teams, so aside from the daily zoom calls, which allow plenty of time for all that classic office banter, we always have a date in the diary where we all meet up and work together.

All in all, it was pretty much a no-brainer for us. When the conversation about careers comes up with your friends, everyone is jealous of the person working from home. And we're more than happy to provide the envy.

One piece of advice though - don’t answer your zoom calls on your phone. It is not a good angle, and your arm will be on fire within five minutes.

Who can relate?

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Astronaut - Moon - Star DigitalAstronaut - Moon - Star Digital