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Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio are an award-winning global reusable nappy brand specialising in environmentally friendly and chemical-free products. Uncover how we helped Bambino Mio reduce technical debt and regain their time.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

When we first met award-winning global reusable nappy brand Bambino Mio they had a lot of technical issues that were taking up too much of their time and costing them just as much. They had replatformed to Magento 2 at the time where Magento 2 was still in its infancy which meant that the platform had bugs.

We sat down and strategised with the Bambino Mio team to move their multilingual online business to a new platform that was robust and could scale with them. As well as a new platform they wanted to change the design of the website to bring it more inline with the fun feel of their brand.

They required their integration with Microsoft Navision to be maintained as this provided the information for their product data and inventory source for all their websites.

We had just 14 weeks to make this a reality as they had scheduled a major product launch which could not be moved.

Bambino Mio

Our Solution

This required a lot of open communication between us and Bambino Mio to firstly decide what platform would be best suited for their business and also making sure we could do the required work within 14 weeks.

A decision was agreed to use Shopify Plus as the platform of choice to allow for their business to scale. Once this was decided our development team immediately started migrating customer, order and product data using the Shopify transporter app and custom coding. Whilst this was taking place our frontend developers started to build the new look design. To best use the time we had the decision was made by Bambino Mio to fully build the UK store and use this as the template for the other stores which we exported and imported to the additional store fronts. We also installed and configured multiple apps to enhance specific functionality within the websites and integrated Global-e to the .com store to convert shoppers from 200 destinations with a localised shopping experience.

As Bambino Mio were changing e-commerce platforms we needed to make sure that we didn’t bring all the legacy issues over from Magento 2. This required our marketing team to use the marketing tools at their disposal to generate reports which highlighted the areas that required attention and then to set about fixing these. Additionally the marketing team were tasked with providing a full URL website breakdown so redirects could be setup as the URL structure from Magento 2 to Shopify differs and we didn’t want to affect their Google rankings as well as preventing users clicking on pages that lead to 404 pages.

When the websites were coming towards the end of the build phase the developers worked on the Nav integration for all stores to make sure inventory across each store was accurate and using the correct values stored within Microsoft Navision.

We are proud to say that we managed to build their multilingual websites within the required time and still to this day we support Bambino Mio whenever they need it.

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“Star Digital are a great and dynamic agency providing us with excellent ideas, support and can adapt to our needs as a fast changing business.”

Joreen Singh | Bambino Mio‍