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The Recruitment Hub

The Recruitment Hub is a Buckinghamshire-based full-service recruitment agency who are obsessed with exceeding expectations and committed to delivering value. Discover what happened when the expert information brokers decided it was time to freshen up their brand and grow their business bigger.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

Working in recruitment is a lot like being a little fish in a big pond. Standing out from the crowd is critical. When our friends at The Recruitment Hub came for a chat, we couldn't help but be inspired to bring the best out of their brand.

They pride themselves on offering personal, painless, and supportive experiences. They wanted their website to recreate that experience, with their main aim being to combine a complete brand refresh with a functional, responsive design. They had decided to achieve the above objectives they would need to move away from their current platform of Joomla and look for a more user friendly alternative that gave them full control. One of the stipulations they had was that they needed all data to be transferred over to the new platform.

The Recruitment Hub

Our Solution

With any great refresh comes an even greater rebrand. Our developers, designers, and branding experts pooled together their skills to provide The Recruitment Hub with a complete brand package.

Starting with the creation of a new colour palette, we took aspects of their existing palette and added a modern splash. From this, we created a unique set of uniform designs for business cards, email signatures and letterheads that matched the website’s look and feel.

Social media is where brands shape themselves and share their stories. To support The Recruitment Hub’s continuing growth, we made size-friendly social media graphics for LinkedIn and Twitter to create a consistent brand presence.

Creating the complete brand package demands an overhaul of their content creation. After several meetings with our expert developers, we chose to move forward with replatforming The Recruitment Hub on to WordPress. WordPress provided the business with a user friendly platform that doesn’t need heavy input by a developer. Once everyone agreed on WordPress as the new platform The Recruitment Hub decided to use a WordPress theme. Prioritising ease of use, we adapted the theme by picking and choosing components that promoted easy editing and efficiency. With a template in place, The Recruitment Hub can build its content quickly with quality. We exported the database out of Joomla and directly into the new website to ensure there was no loss of data.

I am happy to say that several years later we are still working closely with The Recruitment Hub.

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