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Venom Gaming

Venom Gaming UK design and manufacture a range of gaming accessories such as docking stations, storage units, and headsets to empower gamers. Discover what happened when they came to us to level up their website in the modern age.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

Venom Gaming UK’s mission since 1999 has been to empower gamers and enhance their experience. As they enter their third decade, they’ve decided it’s time to empower their employees and enhance their user experience.

The main aims were clear from the outset: to create an e-commerce solution that promoted efficiency, easy-editing, and empowerment. Furthermore, they needed to level up their usability with a more responsive site that put the customer at the heart of the shopping experience.

Venom Gaming

Our Solution

Whilst Venom Gaming UK wanted to keep their signature colours and logo the same, they gave our designers free rein when freshening up their website. They also allowed us to recommend a new and exciting platform called Webflow to build their new e-commerce website on. Webflow is a custom-built codeless solution that combines real-time editing suites with e-commerce storefronts. 

Using Webflow’s design-friendly set-up, we added a range of animations and navigation tools to increase interactivity and enhance their user experience. From glowing logos to moveable products, Venom Gaming UK’s range is bought to life at the click of a mouse.  

In addition, Webflow is perfect for its real-time editing suite. During all of our meetings, Venom Gaming UK made it clear that empowering its employees with efficient processes for day-to-day tasks was critical. Webflow’s content management system puts its employees in control. They can add blogs, change images, and tweak their SEO whenever and wherever. 

Tying everything together, we took a look at the site structure and information hierarchy. Working closely with Venom Gaming UK, we created a more user-friendly structure. The refresh allowed us to create a more responsive site too, alongside reorganising categories and formatting images. 

With Venom Gaming UK’s new site live, their user-friendly e-commerce storefront is already seeing orders come in. 

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A massive thank you to the wonderful team over at Star Digital for making this happen. As well as a new beautiful, seamless design and structure - our website is now e-commerce for the first time ever.

Dee Leaver | Marketing Manager Venom Gaming