What we do:

Marketing for auctioneers

Like consignments, every auction house is unique. We take pride in working out what works for you and your users to give you the edge over your competitors, generating growth in online valuations, consigned items, user registrations and most importantly - bids!

We’re big believers in continuous cycles of analysis and research. Through a comprehensive overview of your digital marketing performance, we’ll design a strategy that hits your KPI’s and grows your auction house.

We are experts in SOSTAC, an industry-leading framework designed to drive your development and growth. Our clients love it, and here's why.


We have the auction marketing know how... SOSTAC

Situational Analysis

How is your auction house currently performing? What are the opportunities? Threats? What are your competitors doing? What’s working? What isn’t?


We work closely with you to define specific objectives and KPI’s which will help to achieve your overall vision


Who are your customers? How can they be segmented and targeted? What content do they like to digest and what online experience do they want to have?

Tactics & Action

What channels will be the most effective to reach your target market (Google ads, social, emails etc.) We will then work closely with you to outlay a digital roadmap and collate timings


We create monthly reports to showcase our performance throughout the month and highlight what’s working well and what needs to be improved upon. This is reinforced with monthly calls to ensure we're hitting your KPIs

Marketing mock ups for auction house clients
Looking to increase consignments and registrations, generate bids and improve valuations? Let's talk.

We know what you want to achieve. And we know the journey to achieving your aims and exceeding your expectations isn't always A to B. Our expert strategists will create a digital marketing plan tailor-made to take you to the next level. Whether it's optimising your website or rethinking your social media templates, we'll find a solution that drives home results and puts your auction house at the forefront of your competitors.

Every auction lot is unique, with its own story to tell.

Generate real interest in your lots with creative and eye-catching imagery and video, driving prospective sellers and buyers to your auction website. Shaping your auction brand, sharing unique stories and strategising for digital success.

Our auction marketing experts will hone your SEO and social media strategies and organise and implement your digital and email marketing campaigns; create compelling copy and captivating design and motion graphics. As a result, you'll build your brand awareness away from faceless auction aggregation platforms, putting you back in control of your auction business.
Our Auction Clients
We've been rethinking design and digital marketing for auctioneers since 2006. here's just a few of the auction houses we've helped grow..
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Our Auction Services

Increase registrations? Rank first

Search engines. They're serious business. 31.7% of all clicks go to the number one result, and just 0.78% of all Google users click on results from the second page onwards. If you want to increase registrations and improve bids, you need to be on the first page.

Our experts use industry-leading tools such as Raven and Moz for the ultimate optimisation treatment for your website, including technical SEO touch-ups, keyword implementation, and broken link repairs. In turn, you'll tick the boxes the top search engines check off, generating new levels of exposure for your auction business.

Generate bids? Capture imaginations

Attention spans are shorter than ever. So even on social media, your user experience is everything. Through the creation and implementation of images, videos and gifs, you'll capture your audience's imagination and boost engagement. In turn, you'll see an increase in consignments and registrations, as well as improved valuations and bids.

Just like your auction business, social media is always on the go. Our motion graphic designers pull together templates you can edit and post seamlessly across your campaigns, buying back your time to spend elsewhere on growing your auction brand further.

Improve valuations? Connect directly

As more and more auctions move online, your audiences are too. With an even greater need to connect directly with your users digitally, email marketing is your must-have tool for engagement.

Built by our expert marketers, we craft emails that capture your audience’s imagination and bring your campaigns to life; whether you’re calling for consignments, announcing your next auction, or highlighting a lot. With your audience right where you want them, you'll see your registrations rocket, your valuations increase, and most importantly, your bids rise.