Connector Plus - The Clever Little ERP connector

Posted on
September 30, 2017

We developed Connector Plus originally about 5 years ago to connect a Magento Enterprise client (Fitness Superstore) to a rather ageing ERP back office system. The process was painful, but it laid out the foundations for what we have now, a fully agnostic systems integrator for Magento, Shopify and WordPress.

Connector Plus Image

Over the years we’ve developed and extended the solution to work with more platforms. As the time of writing we have the following production instances;

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Our most popular integration)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • SAP
  • Kerridge K8
  • Spark
  • Exchequer
  • NetSuite
  • Cyrane
  • MOM
  • Bespoke SQL systems (Very popular service with our B2B clients)
  • CSV spreadsheet exports

Our Connector Plus technology is truly agnostic and extremely flexible allowing for the dynamic population of Magento via our middleware translation platform or directly using web services. We can automatically process the following data between platforms;

  • SKU’s
  • Product descriptions (including HTML)
  • Product images/videos (deployed to CDN)
  • Product attributes (Auto import of new attributes)
  • Product type creation/import (Simple, grouped, configurable, bundle, downloadable, digital)
  • Pricing (Standard/group/individual/promotional/tiered)
  • Categories (Auto creation and ordering)
  • Customer data (Addresses/Users/Status/History/Offline Orders)
  • Promotional rules
  • Order data
  • Customer statements
  • Customer invoices
  • Customer account balances
  • Tokenised payment data
  • Shipping data
  • Meta data
  • …and much more besides.

For any integration programme our team begin the process of investigation by working with you to deliver a functional specification showing all of the data that needs to move back and forth. We then provide a UI to show how this data will be presented and move to a quotation stage. Because we have developed such a large library of connections between Magento (1 and 2), Shopify Plus, Joomla, WordPress and the numerous 3rd party platforms, the cost of implementation is attractive, and ongoing costs are minimal, covered by a small support and license fee. Clients that have used our system include Stanley Gibbons, Star Catering, Fitness Superstore, Kinesis, Dår Lighting, RKW, Swan, LeisureGrow, BambinoMio, 1926 Trading, Bachmann, BlueStar, Cadman Wines and more… If you have a systems integration requirement, please get in touch with us today.

Posted on
October 10, 2017


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