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Sovereign Rarities

Sovereign Rarities pride themselves on providing collectors with a bespoke, traditional service of the highest professional standard. Find out what happened when they gave us a call to migrate their website from Magento 1 to Shopify 2.0


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

When Sovereign Rarities approached us with their Magento 1 website and explained the limitations the platform was causing to their business we knew that a complete overall was required, which meant rethinking the current platform they were on.

The first point of discussion was around the design of the website, they felt that their current design didn’t match their business and that they wanted to modernise it with a sleek new look putting UX/UI at the forefront of this but keep the identity of who they were as not to push away their loyal customers.

They then further explained to us that they wanted to be able to design and develop pages with limited interaction from developers and currently this wasn’t possible. 

The final piece of the puzzle was if they were to replatform they needed to continue with their integration to Microsoft Navision as this is their central hub where product data and inventory were fed into their platform. There was also the discussion of if they were to migrate to a new platform how would the order history and customers be copied across.

As a successful business Sovereign rarities wanted a platform that could expand and grow with them and not have to continually think about changing platforms later down the line.

Sovereign Rarities

Our Solution

To accomplish Sovereign Rarities vision without compromise we needed to fully understand their business and their customers in order for us to make an informed decision.

After in-depth analysis and discussions with the Sovereign Rarities team we came to the joint decision that Shopify would be the perfect fit as it would allow them to scale without the need to continuously upgrade.

Once Shopify was agreed we then discussed the theme to build the new website on. The design they wanted meant that a custom build was going to work best to allow for enhanced functionality. Therefore we decided to use the Dawn theme which is powered by the new Shopify 2.0 architecture.

Shopify 2.0 allows for faster load speeds, greater customisation and also the real benefit of building on an architecture that is future-proof. Using Shopify 2.0 meant that instead of custom blocks just been available on the homepage they are now universal across all pages which meant Sovereign Rarities could create and build custom designs without the need for a developer. 

Our backend developers were busy working in the background creating the connection between Shopify and Microsoft Navision using API’s. The connection ensured a smooth and successful transition of key data. As well as this there was also the order and customer data which Sovereign Rarities required transferring over to Shopify. This wasn’t a problem as the development team created custom code that allowed extraction from Magento which they standardised and seamlessly imported into Shopify.

Sovereign Rarities are now going from strength to strength and the great thing is they are in control.

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