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July 29, 2020

Shopify Accelerated Launch Programme at Star Digital

What is the Shopify Accelerated Launch Program?

The main aim of this program is to get merchants live on Shopify Plus within two, four or eight weeks. Each plan has different benefits and is suitable to different clients.

Two-week launch

2 Weeks is quick, there's no doubting that. But this option is about building a basis; solid foundations on which to build your business. There will be a degree of prioritising, but we will ensure that we map everything out first to make sure that everyone knows the direction we’re heading in. This plan entitles you to an additional 30 hours of add-ons to ensure your website is ready for launch.

Four-week launch

For a little more money and if you can be more flexible with your time frame this option gives us the chance to build a site that is more custom to you. Just like the 2-week option when we hand you the keys to your website, we’ll make sure everything is working perfectly, with your oil topped up and plenty of air in your tires. Ensuring that you are in a position to start taking orders and being able to process them straight away. This plan also comes with 80 hours of additional services.

Eight-week launch

If you think of the 4-week option as altering a suit to fit you, the 8-week option is like getting a suit tailor made. Time is a valuable resource and with 8 weeks and 120 hours of custom work we can do so much more together. This option is really for companies that need a custom solution, you don’t want something off the shelf, it needs to be unique to you in both design and function.

Add-on services

Add-on services gives you additional hours of functionality that aren’t necessarily included in the aforementioned plans. The main four add-on services are:

-       Data Management

-       Logistical Support

-       Customer Engagement

-       Branding

Next steps

We are more than happy to arrange a call to discuss the add-on options and highlight the most appropriate ones for your business needs. Please end in your RFQ’s to start a conversation with the Star Digital and Shopify Plus teams.

We’ve recently launched a number of Shopify Plus websites on-time and on-budget. You can check out our recent case studies here:

Bambino Mio


Ink Factory

If you are wanting to talk to an expert about the Shopify Accelerated Launch Program then please get in touch today!

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