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Collinson employs over 1800 people worldwide, an inventory of products including airport lounge access airport, experience membership programmes, travel testing, travel insurance and on-trip medical and security assistance is already distributed in more than 130 countries worldwide and consumed by a customer base of over 40 million.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

The Collinson website was confusing, with no clear identity and from a user journey perspective was unclear. Collinson's website was already built on a platform known as Teamtailor and wanted to remain on this which meant that additional limitations may occur when redesigning their website and introducing new functionality.


Our Solution

We worked very closely with the Collinson team to really understand what was important to them and their customers when redesigning the website.

We restructured all the pages and in doing so created simplified versions which allowed for a smoother user journey. Collinson wanted to talk about their business but without creating pages that were too text heavy. The way around this was to introduce personalised videos that delivered the content but in a more engaging fashion.

The Teamtailor software provided a new opportunity for us at Star Digital to work with software we haven’t already used which is always incredibly exciting. The way we approached this build was to keep everything generalised which in turn meant that elements could be used across all pages by simply dragging and dropping. By building it this way it allowed Collinson to take full control not only editing pages but when creating new as they had a pool of resources already at their disposal.

Our work hasn’t stopped since putting this website live, we continue to offer support whenever required and have built a close relationship in which we want to continue to further help develop the Collinson brand.

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