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The Mum Club

The Mum Club are the UK's leading event-based members community for mums. They're committed to re-building the villages our generation has lost, promoting their 'happy mum = happy family ethos'. Find out what happened when they gave us a call to freshen up their brand.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

When the UK’s leading event-based members community for mums, The Mum Club, came calling for a catch up – of course we picked up. With over 70,000 followers on Instagram, they wanted to upgrade their website and freshen up their brand.

The Mum Club wanted to open their doors to as many members as they could to provide a hub. They were looking to embed a concept into their website that appealed to women who identify as an individual as well as a mother. To do this meant they needed a robust membership system.

The Mum Clubs success brought new challenges which required a future proof solution that would allow them to keep growing and fast. They wanted to integrate a franchisee system that worked seamlessly with an event management system all connected up to their payment gateway. 

Long term The Mum Club were also thinking about expanding their reach to different parts of the world…

The Mum Club

Our Solution

To accomplish The Mum Club’s vision without compromise, we needed to understand their audience from top to bottom. To begin, our expert UX designers undertook a thorough review of their existing user experience. Analysis of their top 3 user goals – community, events, and expertise – were explored through in-depth user interviews. Once this was complete, we highlighted areas for improvement via our affinity diagrams. Based on functionality, the user flow was agreed on and the site navigation was laid out to create the ultimate journey throughout the site for the user.

The Mum Club also required consolidation across their branding. Our designers and branding experts worked closely with them to produce a range of assets including a makeover of their Instagram output. As part of this, they were provided with templates they can adapt and use for future posts.

Meanwhile in the background the developers were working on three main solutions. Members, Events and Franchisees, this became the office mantra for all the developers. We already knew of MemberPress which is one of WordPress’ leading members plugin which was perfectly suited for what The Mum Club required. Additional customisation by our developers was needed to allow data to be passed to The Mum Club’s email marketing platform - DotDigital. 

Once the membership element was handled we then moved over to the franchisee and event management aspect of the build. We had a brief look at plugins but decided that custom building these elements was the right choice for The Mum Club as a business. It allowed The Mum Club to own their own system that was built with their business needs in mind.

We built The Mum Club an event management system and franchisee system that had beautifully designed frontends and an easy to use admin views which all linked seamlessly into their payment system of choice - Stripe. 

The final piece of The Mum Club puzzle was to how to allow for multiple storefronts that were targeting different parts of the globe. We introduced WordPress multi site that has now provided the option to have multiple versions of The Mum Club website under one parent admin and has opened up the door for global domination.

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