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Ewbank's are one of the UK's premier Sports & Entertainment Memorabilia auctioneers, also specialising in Antiques, Fine Art, Jewellery, Silver, Clocks, Watches and Instruments, Fine Art, Ceramics, Antique Furniture and Works of Art. Find out what happened when their Sports & Entertainment Memorabilia department gave us a call about promoting an upcoming auction of Gerry Anderson models.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

When the Sports & Entertainment Memorabilia department of premier antiques and fine art auctioneers Ewbank's wanted to work with us ahead of an upcoming auction, there’s no way we’d say no.

They were looking to launch a cross-platform marketing campaign for an upcoming auction. The focus point of the auction was an archive of models, props, scenery and scripts associated with the work of Super Mario nation legend Gerry Anderson – including items from Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet.


Our Solution

Through continuous cycles of consultancy with Ewbank’s with our team of creatives and marketers, it was clear that driving meaningful conversions to their website was at the top of their list. Our digital marketing experts worked closely with them to create an effective Google Ads strategy.

Focusing on driving geo-targeted users to the website to submit valuations and make consignment enquiries, a comprehensive keyword strategy was implemented using tools such as Moz Pro and Raven Tools. By understanding the right keywords, we were able to build highly targeted ad groups to improve and increase conversions.

With their marketing fan-focused and keywords optimised, Ewbank’s saw the auction take over £200,000 with many of the items doubling their estimates. Through carefully targeting groups of fans and collectors, meaningful conversions were created, setting Ewbank’s apart from other auction houses in the entertainment memorabilia sector.

Just like in digital marketing, the work in auctioneering is never done. That’s why we’re continuing to work with Ewbank’s, supporting them with redesigning their user journeys.

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"Designed and maintaining a state of the art website for us. Great presentation ideas, fantastic SEO and online marketing support provided and continued after launch. Friendly and knowledgeable team, easy to work with. Highly recommended. Thanks!"

Andrew Ewbank - Ewbanks Auctioneers