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Honeywell are a worldwide aerospace and technology conglomerate specialising in safety, security and energy. Find out what happened when we helped them bring their user journey to life.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

When aerospace and technology conglomerate Honeywell came to us, they were wanting to bring together the branding of different assets into a new division: Smart Energy. With 18 different assets to combine into a single entity, they were looking for ways to do this without compromising their user journeys whilst also requiring a new website design to piece it all together.


Our Solution

With an expansive global product catalogue spread across 18 legacy sites, pulling it over to the new build needed our expertise. Adopting our agile, technology-agnostic approach to the project, our developers wrote a bespoke migration programme for a seamless and smooth transition.

Generating leads was a key goal for Honeywell’s Smart Energy platform. Bringing in an audience is one thing, keeping them committed and converting them is another. The journey their audience travels on from the moment they meet is critical, so we added regional/language automation features to serve up the correct product catalogues depending on where the users are visiting from.

It was integral to the success of the project that their users felt empowered to make key decisions. To do this, we assigned a curated team of digital marketing, UX/UI and motion graphic experts to rethink their approach to user journeys. In-depth content optimisation and bespoke videos and illustrations took complex topics and made them compelling in bitesize chunks for the audience to consume, maximising conversion and lead generation opportunities.

Through ongoing cycles of analysis and research, we oversaw the creation of a multilingual WordPress web platform.

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