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Bailey Heaven

UK-based consultants Bailey Heaven provide professional art and chattels valuation services. Specialising in collection management, financial planning, sales management, and valuations, they take pride in promoting trust, transparency, and independence in the art market. Discover what happened when they got in touch to streamline their valuations process.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

When Bailey Heaven came to us, they wanted to create a valuation system that truly streamlined their processes. They needed a design that bought their professional brand to life and a back-office system that allows their team to book valuations and manage data from specialist sessions. They needed to be able to review the information entered and export the data into branded PDF’s for their clients.

Bailey Heaven

Our Solution

Collaboration and communication were key to this project’s success. Bringing our designers and developers together, our teams worked closely with Bailey Heaven to manage expectations regularly.

User experience is always at the heart of what we do. At the same time, client experience is just as important. Using bootstrap, our development team massively reduced the build time, which meant we could focus on building out and refining the functionality. By reducing the time we could deliver the project to the client for a smooth experience, we also improved the overall user experience.

Customisation and control are crucial to Bailey Heaven’s operations. Our design ensures they always have control over the data for each valuation before being exported into a unique branded PDF for circulation to clients. To bring this to life, we utilised the PDF library. By doing this, Bailey Heaven can now convert all data elements and webpages into printable PDF documents that are fully customisable.

Since completing the project in 2021, Bailey Heaven have streamlined efficiencies and enhanced their user experience with slick, high-quality designs. Their internal processes are more effective and productive, whilst their external experience now matches the trust and transparency they take great pride in offering.

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