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Impervia Flooring

Impervia Flooring specialise in the manufacturing of luxury vinyl flooring aimed at architects, designers and interior decorators. Discover what happened when they got in touch about bringing their brand and business to life.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

Following our work with their sister company Solid Wood Flooring, luxury vinyl tile manufacturers Impervia came to us for some much-needed conversation and consultation. Impervia wanted to create an experience for their customers that captured their wants and needs from their very first visit

With expansion and growth earmarked in their plans, they were aiming to shift their focus towards being a business designed for designers. Starting with a blank canvas, they were looking for our support in creating their brand, building it from the ground up.

Impervia Flooring

Our Solution

We spent time discovering everything there is about Impervia in order to recreate and represent those details in our design. Their goal was to inspire the imagination of their design-focused demographic, so we bought our motion graphic experts on board to paint that picture.

Combining cutting-edge SVG animations with custom-made promotional videos, a creative suite that inspires their audience’s imagination was implemented. We know that innovation is integral to their mission statement, so we programmed scroll-friendly planks that split into segments to showcase the product’s innovative technology.

Tying it all together to tap into their imagery-centric ideas, we integrated the Roomvo visualiser plugin. Roomvo not only allows for instant access to inspiration by seeing if their products are the perfect fit for their project, but also supports a growing number of languages and has no impact on website loading times so that their expansion ambitions won’t be affected.

All of this was implemented using a custom-built codeless solution called Webflow. Unlike eCommerce-specific platforms such as Shopify and Magento, Webflow’s codeless creation means that the day-to-day management of the brand post-launch is simple and seamless. This meant that whenever new products are ready to go, or case studies need adding, they can upload these right away without trouble.

Following the completion of their redesigned website, we've been working closely with Impervia to help manage their marketing in order to better optimise their brand. Bringing together our specialists in digital marketing and motion graphics, we're generating social media-friendly graphics and event-ready promotional videos. On top of that, we're supporting them in delivering customer-focused email marketing campaigns. 

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Great team, a pleasure to work with, imaginative and prompt. Thank you for the great work!

Gareth Bullock | Sales Director @ Impervia