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Rosebery's Auctioneers

Operating in London for more than 30 years, Rosebery’s Fine Art Auctioneers is a privately owned specialist fine art and antiques auction house and valuers, located in the heart of South London. Their brand presence is professional yet stylish. A trustworthy business, offering the highest quality auctions covering many areas including Asian Arts, Jewellery & Watches, 18th & 19th Century Art, Modern British & Contemporary British Art, Silver, Ceramics, and Furniture.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

The design was dated, so one of the main aims of the newdesign of Rosebery's website was to create a modern and fresh overall feel. The team wanted to remove the over-use of the pink band colour, introduce more white space to help it feel lighter and brighter, and easier for the user to digest. All whilst Rosebery's brand still shines through and is standardised throughout the website.

Combining our designs with a transformative technology upgrade, they wanted to improve both the auction functionality and the general UX/UI of the website. This was to make it easier for the user to find what they were looking for.

Rosebery's Auctioneers

Our Solution

Throughout the process, Rosebery's team and our design team worked collaboratively using the cloud-baseddesign tool Figma, which allowed both of us to work together at the same time. The team and Rosebery’s could comment and give their thoughts on the designs in real-time, which made designing the stylish, user-friendly experience easy.

The final design has transformed Rosebery's look and feel, giving them a website to be proud of. With a perfectly smooth user experience and strong and dependable UI, the website runs large auctions with hundreds of bidders like a breeze. The magnificent imagery of the pieces dotted around the website alongside the subtle yet strong branding, gives a modern and elegant feel. The pages were removed of all clutter and left with only the necessary information that can be found in just a few clicks, making it a much more enjoyable experience to browse through the website and find what you fancy.

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