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Ryder International

Ryder International brings together luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer Impervia Flooring and wood flooring designers The Solid Wood Flooring Company. Discover what happened when it was time for a complete rebrand for this parent company.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

We’ve been working with the Ryder International Group since 2019. From coffee meetings and Magento upgrades to Shopify solutions, SEO guidance, and slick rebranding, our partnership is stronger than ever.  

Following rolling out new websites for The Solid Wood Flooring Company and Impervia Flooring, it was Ryder International’s turn for a complete rebrand.

Ryder International needed to stand out with their own distinctive brand identity, requiring a modern new website built on a platform that put Ryder International in control. 

Ryder International

Our Solution

Pulling together every element of their rebranded identity, our experts built a new website from scratch using Webflow.

As Ryder International brings together its businesses under a unique brand identity, it was important to build a dynamic content management system without compromising our modern vision for its visual design.

Chosen for its easy-edit approach and no-code accessibility, Webflow allowed us to set up a series of templated pages to empower the Ryder International team with ultimate control over their content. With this flexible structure set in stone, their team can interchange content and add new products for streamlined productivity.

Since going live in 2021, our team continue to work with the Ryder International Group and their companies Impervia Flooring and The SolidWood Flooring Company. The digital landscape is constantly changing, and we’re committed to supporting them in adapting, evolving and growing their business with design, development and digital marketing consultancy.

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