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Solid Wood Flooring Company

The Solid Wood Flooring Company is part of the Ryder International Group. Leading in the design and engineering of high-quality real wood flooring, discover what happened when they decided it was time to replatform as well as freshen up their brand to help grow their business bigger and better.


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Let's start at the BEGINNING

The Problem...

When we first met The Solid Wood Flooring Company, they were looking to move away from Magento 1. They decided to get a head off the curve and look for an alternative platform before the Magento 1 End Of Live.

Their current Magento 1 website was dated and it lacked the ability to allow the business to grow, in actually fact it was preventing success. The Solid Wood Flooring company wanted a modern website that worked seamlessly on both desktop and mobile. Their main goal was to grow the business and strengthen its brand. 

A major concern that The Solid Wood Flooring Company highlighted to us was around URL preservation and SEO rankings, it was paramount to them that any existing content would be carried over to the new platform and their Google rankings remained high.

Finally they requested that they needed an integration into their NoCRM of choice as a way to store information about their customers for future purchases.

Solid Wood Flooring Company

Our Solution

In order to decide the best fit for The Solid Wood Flooring Company we went onsite to see them and really try to understand their business and what it is a new website could do for them.

After spending the day with them and lots of discussions both parties decided that Shopify would be the best fit for their business moving forwards. Our design team quickly set off on producing a modern new design that focused on getting the user to where they wanted to go in the least amount of clicks. Further to this they created a new mobile design as the current website didn’t appear to cater for mobile which meant a lost opportunity.

Whilst this was happening the development team were working in the background migrating customer, order, CMS and product data using custom built scripts and the Shopify API, this guaranteed that no information was missed. They also set to work on creating an integration with their NoCRM system. This was achieved using the NoCRM API and allowed a seamless data flow as requested.

The marketing team were tasked with providing an in-depth report detailing the current Magento 1 website page architecture alongside the URLs. This provided the information needed to make sure that all old URL’s were mapped accordingly to their new URL’s to maintain high google rankings.

We still work closely maintaining their website both in terms of development, design and marketing and look forward to see what the future holds for this business.

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"I would like to congratulate you and thank you for the great new web site and for changing the trade area. It looks much better now and portrays our philosophy in that area of not selling but providing solutions"

Martyn Ryder | CEO The Solid Wood Flooring Company