Wunder2 is an award-winning make-up brand known for their variety of innovative products such as the Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel.

The Brief

Wunder2 approached Star Digital to oversee their move from a custom CRM to the Shopify Plus platform. The client wanted a multi-lingual solution to cater for all their target markets which covered the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany and the EU.

One of the main reasons for Wunder2 to make the switch to Shopify Plus is to reduce the need for custom website development and to empower their marketing team with the foundation to produce powerful marketing campaigns thanks to the innovative Shopify Plus interface and tools such as Shopify Flow and Pure360.

Due to immovable deadlines for project delivery linked to an important product launch the UK storefront had to be ready and signed off by the 17th March (11 weeks after the project was approved).  

Project Strategy and Approach

When working with any new client, Star Digital insist on kicking off the project with a face-to-face meeting to outline overall needs of the company, what the strategic objectives are for the brand and what the key performance indicators are. This opportunity was also used to go through the project scope line by line to ensure everyone was happy with the direction of the project.

At the beginning a Project Manager, Lead Developer and a Creative Lead were assigned to the website build to begin the process of designing the website. Due to the extremely tight deadlines, our design team adopted an agile design approach to produce the homepage, category pages and product pages. Once the Wunder2 team were happy with the designs this then moved the project on to the next stage, the build.

Star Digital focused on creating the UK store first, ensuring we always had a user-centric approach and analysed the key user-journeys to optimise conversions when the website would go live. Once the UK site was signed off our Shopify Plus Launch Engineer ‘copied’ this and ‘pasted’ it into the other five storefronts which we had previously created.

Star Digital then worked with Wunder2 to provide every word and phrase on the website that needed to be translated and added them into a spreadsheet to be passed onto their translation agency. Once we received this spreadsheet back, we added in the translated copy to the French and German stores. The Canada website incorporates a language switcher enabling the user to switch from English to French. To make this as seamless as possible the app Langify was used. This pioneering app enabled us to add all French translations in (including on the checkout, emails and the account section) enabling completely flexibility.

To guarantee rapid progress, monthly scrums were put it in place by the Star Digital development team and a weekly call to discuss potential blockers was arranged. This helped the project to move forward at a fast pace and to resolve any potentially challenges face on.

Other market-leading apps were also added in such as Yotpo (to take care of all customer reviews) and Pure360 (marketing automatic and email personalisation) as the final pieces of the project started to come together.  

Below is a number of other features for this build:

-       All internal links were obtained through Screaming Frog and formatted correctly so the redirects could be submitted to Shopify

-       ‘Reset your password’ emails were sent out via the Shopify account invite app to guarantee all previous customers were moved into the new environment

-       All previous order information was also moved over to the new environment by our database migration team

-       Custom build landing pages were built in a way they could be built in the future by the Wunder2 team via drag and drop

The Results

Wunder2 was up and running within the Shopify Plus environment within 11 weeks. This included six separate storefronts and one with a language switcher. Shopify Plus has enabled the Wunder2 team to take a hands-on approach to make relevant customisations themselves with Star Digital always on hand to take care of the more complex functionality.

Client Feedback

‘We were moving from a custom CRM to Shopify, and Star Digital were able to guide us through every stage and get us live in a super tight timeframe. They worked closely with our marketing, content and dev teams to help us get the best possible result. We’re looking forward to continuing to work together in the future!’

Lindsay Swaik / D2C Manager


Wunder2 is an award-winning make-up brand known for their variety of innovative products such as the Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel and the Lash Extension + volumizing Mascara.

Release Date:
March 2020
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