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Bonus Trading


Bonus Trading have reviewed their current website and looked at the limitations that Magento 2 is causing as well as the future costs. They are now looking at potential other options that could future proof their website and allow them to take design control of the website and build pages internally to support marketing strategies. The overall goal is to have a platform that is intuitive as well as user friendly and one that is aimed towards the client using it as oppose to the developer working on it.

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Website Quote


Our Solution

Star have put together a homepage design for the Bonus Trading website which is based on migrating the current website to Shopify.

We have setup a development website in Shopify and built the current design so we can demo how easy Shopify is compared to that of Magento and show you around the platform so you can see for yourself.

The new design brings the look of the website inline with current day trends and makes it stand out against its competitors.

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We have found over many projects that it is significant easier for a client to guide the design process once we have something already on paper. Something you can point to and say i like this, this bit not so much. The design work provided serves as a starting point, and whilst we hope that you like it is not meant to be a final product, but rather a guide to help further iterations following further conversations with the client


Estimated Pricing

The below quote should be used as and estimate of the project, a full scope would be required to finalise the pricing.

Website Design &Build
£13,000 - £18,000

Custom template using Shopify 2.0, with pages for:

  • Homepage
  • Collection page
  • Product Page
  • CMS Content pages (2 templated variations)
  • E-commerce elements
  • Blogs

Migrate all customer, order and product data to Shopify Standard

  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Products

We will also run a "true-up" before the site goes live to account for any additional items created during the build process.

Install and configure 3rd Party plugins

  • Certain plugins will be required to achieve the functionality you currently have on your website

Integration into Product Management System

  • Currently this uses Merlin. Will require discussions as to find the best option that integrates within Shopify.

Provide user training on Shopify Standard platform.

Website Testing

Testing involves a range of processes, such as cross-browser testing, responsive design testing, and user experience testing, to ensure the website works seamlessly across all devices and platforms. The testing process identifies any errors, bugs, or glitches in the website and provides recommendations for improvement. By thoroughly testing a website, businesses can ensure the site is user-friendly, accessible, and optimised for search engines.

Optional extra
Initial SEO setup

An initial SEO setup is a necessary aspect of digital marketing to improve website visibility in search engine results pages. This one-off audit of the website ensures technical SEO is optimised correctly, and essential elements like alt tags, meta titles, and descriptions are correctly set up. It also ensures the site is in the best health to start ranking well in search results. When migrating a website will also handle all of the 301 Redirects.

This service includes a comprehensive SEO audit report and recommendations for improvements, offered at a one-off cost of £1,500 (ex VAT).

All pricing is provided ex VAT

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