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July 22, 2020

Which Shopify Plan is Right for Your Business?

Star Digital are an established Shopify Plus Partner Agency that specialise in multilingual, multinational Shopify Plus ecommerce projects.

We’ve helped standout brands including Wunder 2, and Bambino Mio, to migrate to Shopify Plus with ease, incorporating international storefronts and global shipping integrations. Our team of expert developers are Shopify qualified giving clients peace of mind when providing ongoing support for Liquid Coding, Design and Theming in the Shopify environment.

Whilst we work extensively in the Shopify Plus environment, we also get asked which of the Shopify Plans is the most relevant for SME ecommerce clients, so we thought it would be helpful to write a quick guide to help you understand the versions of Shopify available and their costs.

What are the different Shopify Plans?

As Shopify evolves and further engages with brands to empower their ecommerce we are seeing a land rush towards the platform now considered by many as the complete commerce platform, and a future challenger to the behemoth that is Amazon.

Shopify is truly merchant friendly allowing brands to start, grow and manage their ecommerce business, developing omni-channel strategies from the outset across web, mobile, social, bricks-and-mortar locations and pop-up shops.

Shopify provide 4 pricing plans to cover different types of businesses. These breakdown into the following:

Lite Plan – Copy paste and start selling!

Basic Shopify - Consisting of all the basics you’ll need to start a new business,
Shopify - Ideal for growing your business
Advanced Shopify - Provides all the features for scaling your business
Shopify Plus - this is aimed at businesses that ship large quantities on an international scale

Shopify position the packages as follows;

The Lite Plan is for clients that want to sell online, you can turn any website into a money-making business in seconds with Buy Buttons. Whether you’re on WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, or anywhere else, with just a few clicks you can turn your website into an online store. This plan costs a mere $9 USD a month.

Basic Shopify is for new businesses, Shopify is for small to medium businesses, Advanced Shopify for medium to larger businesses and Shopify Plus is for the largest retailers.

But what exactly is provided with these packages?

Shopify breaks down its packages into 4 key areas

• Price
• Features
• Shopify Payments
• Point of Sale

Shopify Basic:

This will cost $29(usd) per month and comes with the following;


This will cost $79(usd) a month and comes with the following;

Shopify Advanced:

This will cost $299(usd) per month and comes with the following;

Shopify Plus:  

This is the platform that is built for companies on a large-scale costing from USD $2,000 a month, this is all the enterprise power you need to manage your business, without the weight and cost of legacy enterprise software.

As well of all the benefits of standard Shopify, Shopify Plus also provides;

• 60% faster checkout than standard Shopify, plus the option to customise the checkout experience
• Future-proof with built-in AR, video, and 3D media on product pages
• Options for localised shopping experiences with multiple stores, currencies, and languages, for B2B and DTC
Shopify scripts, allowing for customisation of deals/offers, and other workflows.
• Unlimited transactions, products and 99.99% uptime
• Manage all your stores, staff accounts and automated workflows from one location in your Shopify admin
• Save time and money by automating complex processes, campaigns and discounts using the built in Shopify Flow and Shopify LaunchPad

Shopify Plus is perfect for larger brands looking to test high speed to market online ecommerce stores as well. You can be up and running to support a product launch, campaign or Flash Sale in days…

The Shopify App Ecosystem

Shopify provide an app store full of approved native and third party apps that can extende the effectiveness of your Shopify store. There is a mix of free and paid apps to cover a multitude of requiremtns such as email integration, ERP/WMS/PIM integrations, metadata apps, SEO apps, the list is endless. You can check the app store out here.

Integrate In Minutes & Launch In Weeks!

• Get up and selling fast with rapid integration to your 3rd party data management tools
• Migrate your customers, products and orders into your Shopify store (Easy to do from Magento)
• Work with certified apps to extend the platform to suit your business requirements.

Star Digital have worked with a wide range of companies using all of the Shopify versions to provide them with ecommerce solutions that not only look great, but are super easy to use and deliver commercial results and fast ROI.

Check out our case studies and our recent Shopify projects Wunder 2, Bambino Mio, Guava & Gold & The Solid Wood Flooring Company!

For more information and a chat about Shopify and how we can help your company grow contact us today.

Written by
Astronaut - Moon - Star DigitalAstronaut - Moon - Star Digital