What is SEO - Should I Invest?

We take a look at SEO and think about why is its important to assign budget to this challenging area of digital marketing


Living through a Magento to Shopify Plus migration – ‘Taking a turn for the worse’ to being ‘Happy’

The Sun is setting on Magento 1, and whilst that isn’t exactly new news, it was first touted back in 2015, it still seems to be causing a lot of established merchants whose businesses rely on it to stay stuck steadfastly to Magento 1.


Multi-lingual e-commerce solutions

As the world becomes ever smaller, switched on merchants are realising that developing multi-lingual direct to consumer web platforms are a reality, made even easier with the advent of smart shipping providers such as Global E


We told you, Magento told you, Now Visa are telling you, UPGRADE or SWITCH!

Magento 1 is end of life (EOL) in June of 2020 and the latest news coming through loud and clear is that the payments processor Visa are now 'urging' e-commerce merchants running on Magento 1.x to migrate to 2.x as the former will become fully unsupported after the end of July 2020. Period.


Connector Plus - The Clever Little ERP connector

We developed Connector Plus originally about 5 years ago to connect a Magento Enterprise client (Fitness Superstore) to a rather ageing ERP back office system. The process was painful, but it laid out the foundations for what we have now, a fully agnostic systems integrator for Magento, Shopify and WordPress.


Stars’ Top 5 Social Media Tips to make you stand out this Christmas

Holiday season is one of the liveliest periods of the year for online sales, meaning massive competition and the perfect opportunity to develop a Social Media Strategy that makes you stand out!


Magento Alternatives? Where Should We Be Looking?

Magento alternatives are fast gaining credibility and traction following the ongoing Magento 2 stability issues since launch

Shopify Plus

Learning Shopify Liquid

This week I’ve published a short post on learning Shopify Liquid. This templating language is used to make customisation of the Shopify experience easy for developers.


Magento 1 End of Life

Lets talk about Magento 1 end of life in 2020 and what this means for merchants using Magento 1.